Minutes of FSEC Meeting October 27, 2004



I.                    Attending: Ted Benditt; Pete Anderson; John Smith; Pat Greenup; Jeff Engler; Gary Sapp; Warren Martin; Beverly Mulvihill; Tim Kraft; Bill Ogard; Stephanie Belcher


II.                Minutes of the FSEC 9-29-04 were approved as reviewed by Chair and Chair-elect and as distributed to FSEC.


III.             – Agenda for FSEC Meeting with President and Provost – November 2, 2004


A.     I.D.E.A. Update

B.     UAB Organization Chart – Reporting Lines

C.     Status of Administrator Searches/Appointments

D.     Academic Administrators – Job Descriptions

E.      Economic Rules

F.      Issues Presented to VP for Equity and Diversity – Grievance Process


     IV.       – Agenda – Senate Meeting

UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

November 9, 2004

  7:30 - 9:30 A. M.

Hill University Center – Great Hall A and B


  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors – Please Sign Attendance Roster
  3. Approval of Minutes – October 14, 2004 Meeting
  4. Chair Report
  5. Senate Review of Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C
  6. Senate Standing Committees
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Jeff Engler
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Gary Sapp
    3. Finance – Senator Warren Martin
  7. New Business
    1. Faculty Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees
  8. Open Forum
  9. Announcements
    1. Next Senate Meeting – December 14, 2004 – Hill University Center A&B
    2. Higher Education Day March 3, 2005
    3. Senate Elections Process – Senators – Begin Identifying Candidates for Chair-elect, Secretary and for Senator positions for terms ending in specific units. Nominations Due in January for Chair-elect and Secretary.





V.   FSEC Discussion Items



A.     Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C – The Provost version with the FSEC alternative language was distributed electronically to the Senators on 10-22-04. The Senate approved versions of these documents (as forwarded to Provost in May 2003) were posted on the Senate web page on 10-22-04.

B.     Reminder messages will be sent to Senators to print, read and bring the documents Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C to the November 9, 2004 meeting. Only a few printed copies will be available at the meeting. If color printers used the “alternative language” is in blue and all of these changes are in a box to highlight the FSEC recommended changes.

C.     Chair Benditt reported that the Provost Quarterly Report on Grievances refers to new grievances filed and to any ongoing grievances as well as any cases with required formation of a grievance hearing committee.

D.     Chair of Finance Warren Martin reviewed concerns about health benefits and radiology capability to meet needs with recent resignations of faculty in mammography. A recommendation was made to invite VP Margison as a future speaker for the Senate. Past Chair Smith will contact radiology faculty to determine the status of services.

E.      Secretary Greenup presented issues related to the Senate Listserve. A recommendation was made to discontinue this communication service because the Senate no longer has need of this list and has not used for several years with the availability of the BlazerID system.

F.      Secretary Greenup reported that IDEA has not identified a date that the administrator evaluations will be available for delivery to the faculty. With the delay decided by IDEA, the Senate did request and received a discount (based on breech of stated agreement with timeline) so that the charge to the Senate will be one half the price as originally described (about 2500 rather than 4500 dollars.)

G.     FAC Chair Gary Sapp reported that FAC will meet on 10-29-04. The FAC will discuss completion of a survey to determine the current practices in departments for evaluation and feedback for department chairs. There was review of the current Senate practice of evaluation of department chairs and the Phase II reports completed by Senate during 2003-04 indicating that faculty members do want to be involved in the evaluation of department chairs. The FAC will review the Phase II report for information related to administrator evaluations and the periodic career review process being discussed by the FAC.

H.     Chair of Governance and Operations Beverly Mulvihill reported that in SOPH there are faculty concerns about the effort reporting process and the definitions of variables in the calculations for percentage of time. Chair Mulvihill recommended that a future Senate meeting include a discussion of effort reporting concerns. Additionally, the Chair reported the quarterly attendance report for Senators and expressed concerns for our inability to determine which alternates are attending meetings for senators. The current records indicate that several units have not been represented at several of the recent Senate meetings. The Chair requested suggestions as to how to better identify the attendance and voting by senators and alternates. Secretary Greenup and Stephanie Belcher will review the current sign in roster and determine if revisions can be made to more accurately capture the attendance of senators and who is voting. An email message will be sent to Senators to remind them of the process for identification of voting members prior to the November 9 Senate meeting.

I.        Chair Mulvihill has forwarded a proposal from the Governance and Operations Committee to Chair Benditt to address the implementation of the Senate Liaison process. This topic will be placed on the agenda for the November 17, 2004 FSEC meeting.

J.       Secretary Greenup reported that a Lister Hill Library Senator has resigned and that the alternate has been notified of their appointment as Senator and the new alternate has been notified of their service term and committee appointment.

K.    Chair Benditt presented a question about conflict of commitment when a person holds a UAB faculty position and another position at another higher education institution. The current UAB Conflict of Commitment policy addresses the requirement for each faculty member to identify actual and potential conflicts of commitment and to declare such situations to their chair and dean and that they have the responsibility to manage the conflict if a potential or actual conflict is determined to exist. This is the responsibility of the faculty member, the chair and the dean of the academic unit.

L.      Secretary Greenup indicated that Parliamentarian Joseph Telfair will not be able to attend the November 9, 2004 Senate meeting and suggested that a parliamentarian is needed due to the voting on the Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C.

M.   Chair Benditt forwarded to Secretary Greenup from James Lowery newly revised UAB forms related to international travel. These forms will be attached to the official minutes of this meeting.






           VI. Items Listed on the Agenda but Not Addressed – Will be Placed on

                 Agenda for November 17, 2004 FSEC meeting.


A.     Linking SACS requirements with administrator evaluation process conducted by the Senate.

B.     Review of performance of academic administrators in Provost Office.

C.     Senate budget and consideration for expenses of administrator evaluations.

D.     Secretary report on the status of Senate requests to the Provost.


        VII. Action Items from FSEC Meeting 10-27-04


A.     Stephanie Belcher will send reminder messages to Senators about preparation for discussion at November 9, 2004 meeting on Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C. Only a few paper copies will be available for distribution at the meeting as Senators are being asked to bring their own copies.

B.     Past-chair John Smith will contact radiology faculty to determine the current status of faculty to meet the mammography needs of patients.

C.     Stephanie Belcher and Secretary Greenup will follow up with Landy Manderson in User Services concerning the Senate Listserve to determine the number of subscribers and the process required to discontinue the service. Chair Benditt will consider the process for disconnect and informing or not informing current subscribers. No action will be taken until Chair Benditt indicates to Stephanie Belcher and Secretary Greenup his decisions about the status of the Senate list serve.

D.     Secretary Greenup will follow up with Amy Gross at IDEA to determine when the evaluations will be available for faculty distribution.

E.      FAC Chair Sapp will determine the current practices in departments/unit for the evaluation and feedback for department chairs.

F.      Secretary Greenup will follow up with Chair-elect Anderson to determine the status of the effort reporting education materials.

G.     Secretary Greenup and Office Associate II Belcher will prepare revisions to the sign in roster for Senate meetings.

H.     Office Associate II Belcher will send an email message to Senators as reminder to identify voting senator at meetings.

I.        Chair Benditt will communicate with Joseph Telfair concerning the availability of a Parliamentarian for the November 9 Senate meeting.

J.       Secretary Greenup will revise the agenda for the November 9, 2004 Senate meeting and forward to Stephanie Belcher for submission to the Reporter.

K.    Secretary Greenup will request Stephanie Belcher to change the draft status to approved status for the FSEC minutes for the 9-29-04 meeting and file and post on senate page as the approved minutes.

L.      Chair Benditt will consider an invitation to Richard Margison as a speaker for a future Senate meeting.


VIII.        Action Items from the September 29, 2004 FSEC Meeting


All action items have been acted on and completed.



IX.              Handouts Distributed at the FSEC Meeting – 10-27-04


a.       Agenda.

b.      DRAFT Expanded Minutes for October 14, 2004 Senate meeting.

c.       DRAFT FSEC Minutes for 9-29-04 meeting.



X.                 Adjournment


The FSEC meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


XI.              These minutes were prepared by Secretary Greenup on November 1, 2004.