Minutes of FSEC Meeting – April 28, 2004


I.                    Attending: John Smith, Ted Benditt, Tim Heaven, Pam Murray, Mark Lockhart, Gary Sapp, John Wittig, Joseph Telfair, Beverly Mulvihill, Pat Greenup, Pete Anderson, Mike Wyss, and Stephanie Belcher.

II.                 The draft agenda for the May 11, 2004 Senate meeting was reviewed and revised as follows:


UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

MAY 11, 2004

Penthouse CR1 7:30-9:30 A. M.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors
  3. Approval of Minutes – April 13, 2004 Meeting
  4. Chair Report
  5. Senate Standing Committees Annual Reports
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Murray-Annual Report
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Telfair – Annual Report
    3. Governance & Operations – Senator Mulvihill – Bylaws Amendments
    4. Finance – Senator Linda Reed – Annual Report
  6. Secretary-Annual Report
  7. Open Forum

      10.  Announcements

a.       Next Senate Meeting – June 8, 2004 – Penthouse CR1

b.      Election of Senators-at-large at June 8 Senate meeting

c.       UAB.EDU update project – Need Faculty Volunteers – see homepage center icon – volunteer to serve on Faculty focus group


III.               Discussion of the Election of Senators-at-Large Process


At the June Senate meeting following the Chair report and as the first action of the incoming Chair the election process will occur:

·        Ballots with candidates and blank lines for any additional nominations from the floor will be distributed to Senators eligible to vote as they enter the meeting

·        Ballots will be in envelopes coded by academic units

·        If senators are not attending then Stephanie Belcher and Pat Greenup will review the attendance roster to determine the eligible alternate senators for voting

·        Additional nominees from floor will be hand written on the ballot by the eligible voters

·        Voting will occur and ballots in envelopes collected

·        The ballots will be counted and the results announced (if time permits) or distribute by email to the membership of the Senate

·        Approval voting will not be used for this election process





IV.              Agenda for May 3, 2004 FSEC Meeting with President Garrison


Chair Smith will be out of town so Chair-elect Benditt will chair this meeting on May 4, 2004.


The following agenda was developed after discussion of possible topics:



MAY 4, 2004



  1. Economic Rules Committee
  2. University –Wide Committee – Openness of Committee Processes – Request Identification of Committees that are not subject to Sunshine Laws
  3. Research Plan – definition of Action Plan and University Response to OHRP and the process for selection of VP for Research to fill position when Dr. Matalon steps down from the position
  4. Definition of Appeal’s Process for CIRB/IRB/IACUC activities – request for clarification of the formal appeal’s process and the ramifications of process to investigators
  5. Bell-Wallace building plans
  6. UAB Scorecard Metrics


       NOTE: This meeting was cancelled on April 30, 2004 due to jury duty for President



V.                 Topics Discussed by FSEC


1.      Appointments of Chairs and members for Standing committees for 2004-2005. Chair-elect Benditt is working on appointments of Chairs for the committees. Newly elected senators and alternates have been contacted to request that they submit their preference for committee appointment.

2.      Bylaws amendments are ready for vote at the May meeting. The appendices do not need to be voted on by the senate membership. These documents must be approved by the FSEC when revisions are made.

3.      Appointment of senior senator for each academic unit. At the June meeting, the senators for each academic unit will be asked to identify their senior senator and submit the name to the Senate office. Secretary Greenup will prepare a listing of the duties for this senior senator to include: point of contact with FSEC, Dean, Nominations process in each unit, and communication with faculty in respective academic units.

4.      The Faculty Senate has received notification from Pam Burks that the You & UAB Handbook is in the final stages of revisions and updating. The revised document will be sent to Pat Greenup, Mike Wyss and Joseph Telfair for review to check for contradictions with the Faculty Handbook. This is not a time for recommendations from faculty for major revisions; however, this is the first time that the faculty will have the opportunity to review this handbook. This opens the door for a much needed updating and awareness campaign that this handbook does have information applicable to faculty. This process permits faculty review and recommendations for revision in the future.

5.      Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C. Chair Smith and Chair-elect Benditt indicated that they had received electronic files from Provost Capilouto and information about the Senate response to Provost revisions and recommendations for the documents forwarded to the Provost in June of 2003. Chair Smith will forward these files to Pat Greenup and Mike Wyss.

6.      The scorecard metrics for all UAB goals/strategic plan are now posted on the UAB homepage. FSEC members are encouraged to review in preparation for the May 4, 2004 FSEC meeting with President Garrison. These metrics should be reviewed in perspective of the recommendations from the C&R committee for work environment metrics that were forwarded to the Provost and President on April 21, 2004.

7.      Secretary Greenup presented a status report on the Phase I topics and the current actions by the standing committees. This updated status report is attached to these minutes.

8.      Secretary Greenup reported that the Phase II summary reports are now ready for assignment to the Faculty Affairs Committee. The two summaries are attached to these minutes.

9.      Secretary Greenup presented the summary of Phase III reports. This summary needs to be reviewed by the FSEC members and the assignment to Senate standing committees will need to occur at the May FSEC meeting. This summary will be posted on the Senate page and this report is attached to these minutes.


VI.              Items On Agenda – Not Discussed


1.      Phase IV plans – best practices and communications in academic units

2.      Faculty Organizations link on Senate page

3.      University-wide committees – reports received are now linked to Resources site on Senate page; the process for receipt of future reports has not been defined. There has been no discussion of which, if any, additional university wide committees that Senate should request the opportunity for appointment of a Senate representative. This topic needs to be discussed in the future based on the survey completed by the senate in fall 2003.

4.      The Chair of the FPPC has addressed the tenure- time out request from a Senator and the senator has received directions to the appropriate information in the UAB Faculty Handbook.




VII.            Handouts – FSEC Meeting April 28, 2004


1.      Agenda

2.      Minutes of FSEC March 31, 2004

3.      Draft Minutes of April 13, 2004 Senate meeting

4.      Annual Report for C&R – Senator Murray

5.      Phase I report – status of items assigned to standing committees

6.      Summary of Phase III reports from academic units.



       Minutes prepared by Secretary Greenup May 2, 2004