Minutes for January 26, 2005 FSEC Meeting


  1. Attending: Chair Ted Benditt, Past-Chair John Smith; Secretary Pat Greenup; Gary Sapp; Joseph Telfair; Jeff Engler; Mike Wyss; Tim Kraft; Bill Ogard; Beverly Mulvihill; Warren Martin; Stephanie Belcher
  2. FSEC Minutes – December 15, 2004 FSEC Meeting – reviewed by Chair, distributed to FSEC members for review and feedback.  Minutes approved as distributed to FSEC members.
  3. January 11, 2005 Faculty Senate – DRAFT Expanded Minutes – Review and feedback requested from FSEC members. No suggestions for revisions were received
  4. DRAFT – Agenda for February Senate Meeting – Review and Finalize

UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

February 8, 2005   7:30 - 9:30 A. M.

Hill University Center – Great Hall A and B

  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors – Please Sign Attendance Roster
  3. Approval of Minutes – January 11, 2005 Meeting
  4. Chair Report – Chair Ted Benditt
  5. President’s Report – President Carol Garrison
  6. Higher Education Partnership – Higher Education Day – Ms. Whitney Wood
  7. Presentation – QEP – Chair – Dr. Marilyn Kurata
  8. Senate Standing Committees
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Jeff Engler
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Gary Sapp
    3. Governance & Operations - Senator Beverly Mulvihill
    4. Finance – Senator Warren Martin
    5. Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair Smith

·        Tenure Clock Stoppage Policy – Section 7.5

·        Grade Posting and Distribution Policy

  1. New Business
    1. Faculty Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees
    2. Updating UAB.EDU – Pat Greenup
  2. Open Forum
  3. Announcements
    1. Next Senate Meeting – March 8, 2005 – Hill University Center A&B
    2. Nominations for Chair-elect and Secretary
    3. Nominations for Senators and FPPC Representatives are due to the Senate office by February 23, 2005 – Balloting During March
    4. Higher Education Day – March 3, 2005


  1. DRAFT Agenda–FSEC Meeting with President Garrison – February 1, 2005

FSEC Agenda

President Carol Garrison

February 1, 2005


9:30-10:30 a.m.




  1. UAB Science and Technology Honors Program Draft January 19, 2005

Chair Benditt distributed a DRAFT document dated January 19, 2005 and requested that the FSEC members review in preparation for the February 1, 2005 meeting with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto. NOTE: a copy of this document is attached to the official minutes of this meeting as filed in the Senate office.

  1. OIG Update
  2. Commission of Status of Women
  3. Requirement For Transcripts For Potential Faculty – Hiring Process
  4. Section 2.0, Appendix A, B, C Status
  5. Status of Revised IRB, IBC & IACUC Documents Related to Faculty Appeals
  6. Status of Grants and Contracts – Response Time To Faculty Needs
  7. President Revised Job Description
  8. SACS Visit – QEP Awareness Activities


Topics to Be Discussed at Later FSEC Meetings – Possible Topics for Meeting with President and Provost:

    • Faculty Development/Evaluations models; Annual quality assessment process guidelines; membership of QA Committee
    • Update on SACS preliminary report and the response to non-compliance sections of UAB’s report to SACS; actions to increase “level of awareness” prior to site visit
    • SACS Infrastructure beyond the March 2005 site visit – plans for ongoing coordination in preparation for the next visit; internal audits on periodic basis; links with Senate activities such as Administrator evaluations



  1. FSEC – Topics Discussed – Action If Any Required is Listed


1.      FYI to FSEC – Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C – Senate approved versions forwarded to Provost and President on January 11, 2005. A “final read version” (not redline) was submitted. These files are posted on the Senate page.

2.      FYI to FSEC - The IDEA reports for President and Provost were distributed to Faculty by January 21, 2005. Letter and reports for President sent to Chancellor. Letter and reports for Acting Provost submitted to President. Secretary Greenup will prepare a summary report of the IDEA process for the March FSEC meeting.

3.      Senate Elections – Nominees for Chair-elect and Secretary – currently there is one candidate for each position; Past-Chair Smith will contact another faculty member to encourage to be a nominee for Chair-elect

4.      Provost Response to Senate Recommendations concerning – Curriculum & Research Committee will prepare a recommendation to address the Provost recommendation to faculty that information about the Direction document be included in course syllabi.

On January 29, 2005 Secretary Greenup sent an email message to Chair Benditt and Chair Engler identifying another concern related to the January 11, 2005 memo. The topic of concern is the listing of Direction – not Student Handbook in the left navigator on the Students.uab.edu site. A copy of the Provost memo of January 11, 2005 is attached to the official minutes in the Senate office.

5.      Senate Liaison process implementation – Recommendations from Governance & Operations Committee - Communication of Information to Faculty – Chair Benditt and Secretary Greenup are meeting with Governance & Operations on February 2, 2005 to discuss recommendations.

6.      Current status of department chairs evaluation processes in academic units; Senate next cycle of Administrator Evaluations; plans for Deans of NSM and Dentistry, process for department chairs. ACTION FOLLOW UP— topic was assigned to FAC and Chair Gary Sapp will discuss with FAC members at the scheduled February meeting of the FAC. Chair Benditt distributed a copy of the administrator evaluation process that is used in Arts & Humanities for consideration by the committee. Copy attached to the official minutes in Senate office.

7.      Number of adjunct faculty and number of non-tenure earning track in comparison with tenure-earning and tenured faculty positions – addressing questions of metrics compliance and faculty workloads; effort reporting issues – THIS TOPIC WAS NOT ADDRESSED WILL BE ON THE FEBRUARY FSEC AGENDA.


9.      Periodic career review process – need details of Provost proposal related to Faculty Development, Evaluation, and Post-Tenure Review activities; follow up for Phase II Reports to Senate by Academic Units – THIS TOPIC WAS NOT ADDRESSED WILL BE ON THE FEBRUARY FSEC AGENDA

10.  Status and update report from Senate Standing Committees for work completed and tasks to be completed by May 31, 2005.


11.  Disposition of “Researcher” request – distribution of survey concerning disabilities of faculty members – the request to the Faculty Senate was denied and the survey was not distributed to Senators or faculty using the BlazerID listing.

12.  Disposition of “temporary policy” for SACS concerning the ownership of ‘distance learning materials’ NOTE: A policy has been approved by Acting Provost Capilouto. This policy was distributed to deans, senators and to faculty in some academic units. Chair of Curriculum & Research Committee indicated that this committee plans to review this policy in the coming months.

13.  Disposition of Tenure Clock Stoppage policy and Section 7.5.1-7.5.3. NOTE: This item is on the agenda of the FPPC January 28, 2005 meeting and will be on the agenda for the February Senate meeting.

14.  Scorecard metrics – work environment – update on progress – This topic was assigned to Curriculum & Research committee to focus on specific issues/concerns and prepare specific recommendations to present to Senate for action.

15.  Question was asked by Past-Chair Smith about the delivery date of the RSA reports. Action – Chair Benditt will follow up with a request to Richard Margison.




  1. Announcements  - none
  2. Handouts Distributed at Meeting 1-26-05

1.      Agenda

2.      DRAFT Expanded Minutes of January Senate meeting

3.      Quarterly Attendance Report for Senators

4.      Administrator Evaluations – Arts & Humanities guidelines

5.      January 11, 2005 memo from Provost Capilouto – Senate Recommendations (Non-academic misconduct; Direction; Honor Codes)

6.      DRAFT – January 19, 2005 UAB Science and Technology Honors Program


  1. Action Items from January FSEC meeting -1-26-05


Please refer to the items and follow up actions in the text of these minutes under each topic.







  1. Action Items from December 15, 2004 FSEC meeting


All action items have been completed.



  1. Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.



These minutes were prepared by Secretary Greenup on January 29, 2005.