A.     ATTENDING: Chair Peter Anderson; Past-Chair Ted Benditt, Chair-elect Joe March, Secretary Pat Greenup, Jeff Engler, Tim Kraft, Jennifer Long, Madelyn Coar, Mark Lockhart, Warren Martin, and Stephanie Belcher

B.     FSEC Minutes – August 31, 2005 FSEC Meeting – Approved as distributed.

C.     DRAFT Expanded Minutes of September 13, 2005 Senate Meeting – No additions or corrections were presented. The document is ready to distribute to Senators.

D.    DRAFT – FSEC Meeting with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto

                  Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

With President Garrison and Provost Capilouto

Tuesday October 4, 2005

9:00 – 10:30 a.m.




  1. Academic Calendar – Members of  Ad Hoc Committee
    1. Membership
    2. Charge To Committee
    3. Faculty Input Process
  2. Suggestions – Educating Faculty – Undergraduate Opportunities

3.  Provost Office Re-Organization

a. Associate Provost Job Descriptions

b. Search Committee Members

  1. Faculty Evaluation – Audit Process – Status Report
  2. Student Ratings – IDEA Pilot Study (Informational Item)
  3. Scorecards – Updating Process


E.     DRAFT Agenda for October 11, 2005 Senate Meeting

            Senate Meeting Agenda

October 11, 2005   7:30 - 9:30 A. M.

Great Hall A and B

  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors – Non-Members of the Senate -Please Sign Attendance Roster
  3. Approval of Minutes – September 13, 2005 Faculty Senate Meeting
  4. Chair Report – Chair Pete Anderson
  5. President’s Report – President Carol Garrison
  6. Presentation: Dr. Virginia Gauld, Ms DeeDee Bruns and Dean McClintock – Fall term registration and new freshman admission criteria update




  1. Senate Standing Committees
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Jeff Engler
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Mark Lockhart
    3. Governance & Operations - Senator Jennifer Long
    4. Finance – Senator Warren Martin
    5. Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair Ted Benditt
  2. New Business
    1. Faculty Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees

·        Debra Laken – Athletic Advisory Committee/Academic Standards Subcommittee

·        Madelyn Coar – Diversity Advisory Council

·        Warren Martin/Linda Reed – Fringe Benefits Committee

·        Seine Chiang - UAB Commission on Status of Women

·        Campus Planning Committee – Warren Martin and Alison Chapman

·        Police Advisory council

·        Committee on Academic Advising – Jeanne Hutchinson

    1. Feasibility Study of Sterne and Lister Hill Libraries Space Uses & Opportunities -Report
  1. Open Forum
  2. Announcements
    1. Next FPPC Meeting – October 21, 2005 – Penthouse CR1
    2. Next Senate Meeting – November 8, 2005 – Great Hall A & B



F.      Items Discussed/Action Items


1.      Senate Liaison Implementation


Warren Martin suggested that the Liaisons have a meeting to share ideas and processes within academic units.


ACTION ITEM: Jennifer Long will call a meeting of the Liaisons at a time Secretary Greenup and Chair Anderson can attend. This discussion will include the topic of email distribution lists with academic units.

This meeting is to support and further implement the activities of the Liaisons.


2.      Location of October Senate meeting – HUC not Penthouse


ACTION ITEM: Stephanie Belcher sent a first notice on September 28, 2005. A second notice will contain the attachments for the meeting. A third reminder will go out on October 10, 2005 to remind senators of meeting location.







3.      Senate Representative to University-wide committees


a.       CAA – Jeanne Hutchinson will serve this year. Chair-elect March indicated that next year the representative needs to be a current Senator.

b.      Campus Planning – Warren Martin will represent the Finance Committee and Alison Chapman will represent the Curriculum & Research Committee


ACTION ITEM: Chair Anderson will write a letter of appointment to Jeanne, Warren, and Alison to indicate responsibilities to the Senate and the term of office. Each letter will be copied to the Secretary, Office Associate and the Chair of the University-wide committee. These letters are to be entered in the Senate tracking log.


c.       Police Advisory Committee – Chair Anderson is communicating with possible appointees.


4.      University-wide committee listing from Provost


                     ACTION ITEM: Secretary Greenup will send changes needed in the listing

                     related to Senate activities to Provost Office. We will request an updated

                     chart listing the committees and current chairs.



5.      Senate Letter to New UAB Faculty


                       ACTION ITEM:  Chair Anderson will prepare a letter to 187 new faculty

                       members to go out prior to the October 25, 2005 President’s reception.

                       This letter will include reference to the Senate web site and encourage

                       participation with the Senate and the FPPC. This letter will be distributed

                       to campus addresses based on a listing of new faculty obtained from Dr.



6.      FPPC Request to Senate


                       FPPC Chair Greenup sent a letter of request (see below) for action to Past-

                       Chair Benditt and Chair Anderson requesting that the Governance &

                       Operations Committee review the election cycle for 2007 to determine if it

                       is feasible to address faculty concerns about the time of voting for Chair of

                       FPPC and the absence of 9 month faculty during June –August Senate



                       ACTION ITEM:  Chair Anderson will forward the letter to Jennifer Long

                       as chair of the Governance & Operations Committee.



September 22, 2005



To: Peter Anderson – Chair of the Faculty and Ted Benditt – Past-Chair of Faculty and Representative to the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee

From:  Pat Greenup, Chair of the FPPC

Re:  Request for Review of Election Time Cycle by the Senate Governance & Operations Committee

During the last three months of meetings by the FPPC there has been discussion (as part of the updating of the Operating Rules of the FPPC) pertaining to the timeline for the election of the Chair of the FPPC.

The current practice (has been for many years) is that the Chair of the FPPC is elected at the June meeting. The Senate conducts the election process for the FPPC concurrently with the Senate elections. The Senate Bylaws for the FPPC and the Operating Rules for the FPPC indicate that the term of office for the FPPC is a 3 year term that begins in June and ends on May 31 of the third year of service.

The question that has been raised (and the reason for this request for review by the Senate Governance & Operations Committee in collaboration with the Secretary of the Faculty who also serves as the Chair of the Elections Committee) is the following:

  • Should the election of the FPPC representatives be conducted concurrently with the Senate elections?
  • Should the election of the Chair of the FPPC be conducted in August to assure that the 9 month faculty will be available to attend FPPC meetings?
  • Should the FPPC operate on a cycle of terms that is comparable to the Senate?



7.      Job Description – Associate Provost – Faculty Affairs & Development


With the Provost Office reorganization job descriptions have been revised and the Senate needs to request these descriptions.


ACTION ITEM: This topic is on the agenda for the October 4, 2005 meeting.



8.      Role of HR in Faculty – Personnel Operations


ACTION ITEM: This topic is deferred to a later FSEC meeting.



9.      Attendance of Dr. Scripa at the FSEC meetings with President and Provost


ACTION ITEM:  This topic is deferred to a later FSEC meeting.




10.  President Garrison request to Senate for suggestions – “ educate all faculty about undergraduate opportunities at UAB”



·        Summary of Honors opportunities – brochure; web site; Reporter

·        Newsletter – distribution to faculty via email

·        Faculty lunches by President – get to know and create trust/openness

·        Review the activities of peer institutions

·        Focus on creating positive faculty attitude – a culture of pride and encourage faculty to consider UAB as site for children attending college


ACTION ITEM: This topic is on the October 4, 2005 FSEC agenda.


11.  Senate Budget


The FSEC members reviewed the budget report and the category headings. The FSEC approved the report and approved a motion to purchase a new laptop computer to replace the “deceased member.”


ACTION ITEM: Stephanie Belcher will ask Dr. Scripa if the headings can be modified and still meet Oracle requirements. Stephanie will move forward with purchase of computer.


12.  IDEA Process Update


·        Proposal before Senate for a vote


ACTION ITEM: This proposal will be returned to the Faculty Affairs Committee for revision to include all administrators and the cycle to occur during the next 5 years


The revised proposal is to address:

a.       all administrator positions to be evaluated

b.      time of person in the position (2 years or less)

c.       number of faculty not able to evaluate a department chair

d.      who is to receive the comments – immediate supervisors

e.       who in Provost office should be evaluated

f.        continuity of process – required annual activities


·        FSEC needs to identify roles of faculty and role of Senate Office Associate in completion of the IDEA process for each cycle

·        Problems of the Chair cycle need to be identified and summarized with notes documented so that these problems can be avoided next year

·        Which faculty members have the opportunity to evaluate

·        Procedures to sent to faculty need to be very specific and in detail to assure that the Senate has covered potential problems

·        What is the official number of responses received for chairs that will be the cut off for sending an aggregate report to chair and faculty

·        Process of obtaining faculty list and email addresses

·        Process of negotiating with IDEA



13.  Future Senate Presentations – Speakers


·        November – HEP – Gordon Stone

·        November – Safe Zone speaker

·        December – Technology Support – VISTA – Karen Shader/Sheila Sanders

·        Spring – Undergraduate Education Opportunities

·        Spring – Dr. Noe – Graduate School Dean

·        Spring – Dr. Harper – Dean of School of Nursing

·        Spring – Dr. Mona Fouad – Report on CSW

·        Spring – Dr. Diane Tucker – Science & Technology Honors Program



14.  GLBT Follow Up-Informational Item


                    Chair Anderson communicated with Karen Platcke and made

                     recommendations that the group interact with Dr. Dale in the office of

                     diversity and equity. Chair Anderson requested that the Senate be kept

                     informed of the groups request to Dr. Dale and the Diversity Advisory



15.  Section 2.0 document as approved by Chancellor


                     Secretary Greenup presented a summary report outlining the changes made

                      in the Section 2.0 as approved by the Chancellor. Currently the Provost

                     office is preparing an implementation plan (Dr. Scripa) which is to be

                     presented in the coming month. Provost Capilouto wants a document that

                     summarizes the major points in each of the subsections of Section 2.0 and

                     not to focus on the changes made to the document as the tool for

                     introduction of the revised document to faculty.


G.    Topics Not Discussed


1.      Post-doctoral hiring process


This topic was identified at the September Senate meeting by Senator Bob Kesterson

ACTION ITEM: Secretary Greenup will contact Senator Kesterson for additional information before the Senate communicates with Cheryl Locke/HR.




2.      Faculty Participation with Senate and FPPC


ACTION ITEM: This topic will be on the agenda for the October FSEC meeting. This topic needs to be discussed as the “nomination and election cycle” starts in November.


3.      Current Faculty Evaluation Practices in Academic Units


The FSEC and Senate have not made a decision about this topic due to waiting for specific information from the Provost about the planned activities by an ad hoc group to be chaired by Cheryl Locke.


ACTION ITEM: Will be on agenda for October FSEC meeting.



H.    Action Items from the September 28, 2005 FSEC Meeting


Please refer to each of the section above in these minutes for the actions items and the person responsibly for the action.



I.       Action Items Update from the August 31, 2005 FSEC Meeting


          The following items are pending and have not yet been addressed:


·        Faculty access to administrators – will the Senate do a survey of faculty.

·        Periodic career review – Pending action by the Faculty Affairs committee.


          All other action items in the minutes of the August 31, 2005 meeting have been



J.      Handouts – September 28, 2005 FSEC Meeting


1.      Agenda

2.      Minutes of August 31, 2005 FSEC meeting

3.      DRAFT – Expanded Minutes of September 13, 2005 Senate meeting

4.      IDEA – response rates to date for department chair cycle

5.      Budget report

6.      Meeting dates/locations for Senate 2005 – 2006 December meeting

7.      Meeting dates for FSEC meeting (noon – 1:30)

8.      Meeting dates for FSEC with President and Provost

9.      Secretary summary of Section 2.0 changes in Chancellor approved document




K.    Announcements


1.      Next Senate meeting – October 11, 2005 – HUC

2.      Next FPPC meeting – October 14, 2005 – Penthouse

3.      Next FSEC meeting with President and Provost – October 4, 2005

4.      Elections Results for Nursing, NSM and Business – October 7, 2005


L.     Adjournment


This meeting of the FSEC adjourned at 1:45 p.m.



M.  These minutes were prepared by Secretary Greenup 10-2-05 and typed on 10-8-05.