Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




November 2, 2004



Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Peter Anderson; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. Timothy Kraft; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. William Ogard; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. John Smith; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. Michael Wyss


Absent:           Dr. Jeffrey Engler; Dr. Warren Martin



IDEA Survey


It was discovered that computers with “spam control” has prevented some faculty from receiving the IDEA survey regarding the President and Provost evaluations.  An e-mail communication will be sent to faculty notifying them of the problem and instructions will be included for corrective action steps.

UAB Organizational Chart

It was stated that the Vice President for Research and Vice President for Medicine have dual reporting relationships.  These positions report to the Provost on vision, budgetary and day-to-day matters, while reporting to the President on long range planning. 

Status of Administrator Searches/Appointments

Dr. Garrison summarized the current recruitment efforts at UAB as follows:

  • Vice President for Information Technology – A search committee has been formed with Richard Margison serving as chair for this internal search. 
  • Vice President for Research – Dr. Robert Rich will serve as chair of this search committee for the internal search.    
  • Graduate Dean/Provost – A search firm has been hired to assist with these searches.  Since the firm will be assisting with two searches, it is more economical and a capped amount/fee was negotiated.  The search committee for the Graduate School Dean will be finalized next week with the intent to have the position filled by next summer.      
  • Web CT Positions/Lister Hill – The QEP committee has visited other campuses (e.g., Indiana University) to evaluate other web design centers.  The search continues for certified Web CTs; however, these positions are lucrative and difficult to fill because of the complexity surrounding web design/instructional design and the lack of qualified individuals.

Academic Administrators-Job Descriptions

The President’s job description was updated in June and was given to Human Resources.  All the Vice Presidents job descriptions were updated in early 2004 and sent to Human Resources.  Dr. Capilouto worked to develop a generic job description for the deans which could be modified with respect to unique duties.  The deans perform a self-evaluation and in turn, the Provost meets with the deans to review a detailed, written evaluation. 


It is the individual schools responsibility to develop job descriptions for department chairs; however, it was noted that it would be ideal to have a more uniform evaluation to reach this level.

Economic Rules

Funds will be allocated according to the strategic planning process.  Preliminary budget planning indicates increased costs for Teacher’s Retirement and PEEHIP.  Faculty salary increases remains a budget priority for the entire system.  Last year, only new dollars were allocated; however, the process of allocating new and old dollars could begin this year.  The transition to a completely rule-driven allocation process will take considerable time; however, the university must maintain the direction of moving towards this process. 

Issues presented to VP for Equity and Diversity-Grievance Process

There is an official grievance process where reports are filed, panels formed and issues resolved; however, many complaints are averted before they become formal grievances.