Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




April 6, 2004



Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Mark Lockhart; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. John Smith; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. Michael Wyss


Absent:           Dr. Pamela Murray; Dr. John Wittig






A decision was made to delay the second module and go-live at the beginning of the fiscal year.  FSEC recommended publishing a story in the UAB Reporter regarding STEPS to update the UAB community on the progress and to explain the schedule.  Dr. Garrison commended the efforts of all personnel involved in the STEPS program which will be a customized and user-friendly system.



Dr. Smith requested to have the school level scorecards available via UAB’s website.  Dr. Garrison and Dr. Capilouto noted that there were measurements for the individual schools awaiting definition before the scorecards could be put on the web.  Dr. Capilouto noted that the planning meetings with the deans will occur in the summer.  He would like to have the data assembled electronically in the future to ease the dissemination to the faculty via the website.  Dr. Smith requested that a copy of the planning books be placed in Lister Hill Library until the web version is available. 


Bell Wallace

A space/usage analysis report and recommendations for the Bell/Wallace gym in terms of academic/athletic programs should be finalized in several weeks.  The issue of how Bell/Wallace gym will interface with the new Campus Recreation Center needs to be addressed before the final report is released. 


UAB Research

With decreasing national funding, Dr. Smith asked how UAB can remain competitive, retain/recruit high quality scientists/educators/clinicians and advance into the top rankings.  Dr. Garrison noted that while money is a proxy indicator, the issue is “quality.”  Dr. Garrison noted that strategic planning process will help ensure a clear allocation of resources and the leveraging of internal funds to help retain/recruit top quality individuals to UAB.  To date, the individual schools have been responsive to retention matters on a one-on-one basis. 



UAB Research-Continued

A discussion ensued regarding Indirect Expense Recovery (IER) which covers the costs associated with university setup (e.g., computer equipment/infrastructure, utilities, etc.).   The UAB administration has tried to be transparent in the budgeting process, especially when money was allocated to support the establishment of the new research infrastructure. 

Shared Governance Activities at the Academic Units Level

With regard to shared governance, the Faculty Senate would like to improve communication with the faculty/administration by having the senators meet with their respective dean monthly.   Dr. Capilouto invited Dr. Smith to introduce this proposal at the next meeting of the Academic Programs Council. 


University-Wide Committees

Dr. Smith indicated that the university-wide committee report has been finalized.  In order to show that the process now includes coordination with the President and Provost, the Faculty Senate will update their bylaws (Section II.1.g) to read “At the beginning of each senate year, in conjunction with the President and Provost, the Senate Executive Committee will provide senate standing committees with an updated list of all university-wide committees."


Status of Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B and C [UPDATE]

Section 2.0 of the UAB Faculty handbook which addresses faculty appointments, promotions, tenure, resignations, terminations, and grievances has been reviewed by the Faculty Senate.  They are in the process of making some editorial changes and other recommendations which should be complete within 2 weeks.  Dr. John Lyons and Dr. James Lowery will review the recommendations before the final report is issued. 


Dr. Garrison suggested that more input be collected from the faculty.  Dr. Capilouto indicated that the QEP report will be restricted and reviewed.  Dr. Capilouto will introduce the QEP report at the next SACS meeting.


Administrator Performance Evaluations

Dr. Greenup indicated that the Faculty Senate would like to consider conducting Administrator Performance Evaluations on the President, Provost, and the deans of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) and School of Dentistry.  It was recommended that an individual have two years in their job before being evaluated so this would eliminate the deans of NSM and Dentistry.  Other recommendations included sharing the instrument with the individual being evaluated in advance, furnishing results to the individual first and allowing time for a response, and ensuring a complete report is given to the individuals.