Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




January 6, 2004



Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. John Smith; Dr. Michael Wyss


Absent:           Dr. Mark Lockhart; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. Pamela Murray; Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. John Wittig



Faculty Development Program/Graduate School Faculty Research Grant Program/Opportunities for Faculty Research Funding from UAB Resources

Prior to Dr. Capilouto’s appointment, the Provost office had created several faculty award programs.  As an example, the Faculty Development Program allowed faculty to submit proposals for funds from the Provost office; however, the respective schools were required to match the funds given by the Provost.  The last awards were made in 2002. 


A discussion ensued regarding tracking the output from these programs to show significant impact and/or determine if the award led to the procurement of external funding.  It was noted that these programs do encourage junior faculty and the administration is supportive of these programs; however, the linkage to output is important.  The Academic Programs Council (APC) will be briefed on these programs as well. 


Future Strategic Planning Activities in Academic Units

Dr. Smith thanked Dr. Capilouto for supplying each Dean’s office with a copy of the respective schools’ strategic planning books.  Dr. Smith noted that the Faculty Senate has embraced these plans and asked Dr. Capilouto to work with them and the Deans to make the strategic plan’s implementations a reality.


Fringe Benefits Committee Meetings

Although Susan McWilliams has announced her retirement, the administration foresees no change in its commitment to keep the Fringe Benefits Committee an active committee with Richard Margison as the chair. 


Update on the Search Process for the Vice President of Medicine

The search committee has been established, the position description has been finalized and a search consultant has been hired.  The consultant is gathering a diverse candidate pool before scheduling interviews.  An aggressive timeline has been established to complete the search by late spring. 


Planning/Timeline for Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS) New Building

The administration is working on the budget and economic impact of this project as well as the entire Master Plan.  Debt service for the SBS building has been included in the budget to prepare for future building costs; however, no definite timeline has been established.  A detailed programming scope must be completed as well.




Economic Rules Committee/Linkage of Economic Rules to Productivity Metrics/Strategic Plan

The current Economic Rules Committee will be familiarized with the previous committee’s findings. The committee will work to determine the guiding principles/framework and run simulations.  Once completed, the committee will make recommendations to the President on how to allocate funds.  The administration recognizes that there will be significant transition time before implementation can occur and welcomes the Faculty Senate’s involvement. 


Best Practices (School to School)

The Faculty Senate developed and implemented a survey for each academic unit which would be conducted in three phases [Phase I=Critical Issues; Phase II=Periodic Review of Faculty and Phase III=School Level Governance].  As the results are tracked, each item is assigned to one of the Faculty Senate subcommittees.  Dr. John Smith will summarize the process and outcomes during his final meeting in May 2004.  It is hoped that this process will continue and help the schools extol their best.