Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




December 8, 2004




Present:           President Carol Garrison; Dr. Peter Anderson; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Timothy Kraft; Dr. Warren Martin; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. Michael Wyss


Absent:            Dr. Jeffrey Engler; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. William Ogard; Dr. John Smith



IDEA Survey


Dr. Theodore Benditt, Chair of the Faculty Senate, distributed the individual number compilations and comments to the President and Provost that were received during the survey/evaluation.  The President and Provost were asked to reply by December 30, 2004 with any concerns. 


Status of Administrator Searches/Appointments

Dr. Garrison summarized the current recruitment efforts at UAB as follows:

  • Associate Vice President for Human Resources – Cheryl Locke, Vice President of Human Resources at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, has accepted the position of Associate Vice President for Human Resources at UAB.  She will begin at UAB in late January 2005. 
  • Vice President for Information Technology – A search committee has been formed with Richard Margison serving as chair for this internal search.  It is anticipated that this search will be finalized in early 2005. 
  • Vice President for Research – Dr. Robert Rich will serve as chair for this internal search with Dr. Yogesh Vohra, Professor of Physics, serving as co-chair.    It is anticipated that this search will be finalized in 2005; however, no formal timetable has been established. 
  • Graduate Dean – Dr. Huw Thomas, Dean of the School of Dentistry, has agreed to chair the search committee.  A national search firm, Greenwood & Associates, Inc., has been hired to assist with this search.  The search committee has been formed and began meeting to refine advertisements and other logistics.
  • Provost – Dr. Shirley Salloway Kahn, Vice President for Alumni, Development & External Relations, will chair the search committee with Dr. Bharat Soni, Professor and Chairman of Mechanical Engineering, serving as co-chair.  Again, Greenwood & Associates, Inc. has been engaged to assist with this national search.  It is anticipated that this search will be finalized in May 2005. 

Effort Reporting

FSEC members inquired as to whom does effort reporting apply, specifically “all faculty” or “only those who are involved with grants.”  All schools/faculty received written documentation regarding UAB’s effort reporting guidelines which included a request that individuals acknowledge their awareness of these guidelines through electronic means.  Educational presentations are being conducted at this time.  It is anticipated that web-based training will be available in the future. 


The Faculty Senate recommended sending additional reminders periodically to increase awareness.


Section 2 Timetable-Faculty Handbook

Dr. James Lowery, Director of Management Support Services in the Department of Institutional Studies and Services, was asked to draft modifications to Section 2 of the Faculty Handbook regarding the termination of tenured faculty in specific conditions, specifically bona fide financial exigency, bona fide financial crisis or academic unit closure.  Also, Dr. Capilouto will review the language pertaining to the libraries in Section 2.  Dr. Capilouto reminded the FSEC members that the modified Section 2 must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.    


It was noted that the “Tenure Clock Stoppage” and “Grade Distribution” policies will be reviewed by the Faculty Policy and Procedures Committee (FPPC) at their December meeting. 


Other Matters

SACS has issued their preliminary report to which UAB must respond by the end of January 2005.  Since Dr. Eli Capilouto and Dr. John Lyons will be focusing on the university’s response, Dr. Garrison requested that all individuals/groups respect the time commitment required by these individuals to ensure UAB’s response, which is a top priority, is accurate and thorough.