Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




June 3, 2003



Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Charles Falany; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Mark Lockhart; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. Pamela Murray; Kirsten Nelson; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. John Smith


Absent:           Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. John Wittig


Visioning/Planning Process

The visioning/planning process is currently in the feedback stage.  The draft organizational chart indicates the Vice President for Medicine/Dean and Senior Vice Provost is considered the third ranking administrative officer.  The Vice President of Research, Vice President of Equity and Diversity and Vice President for Medicine/Dean and Senior Vice Provost will report to the Provost on day-to-day matters but will report to the President on strategic planning issues.  During the visioning/planning process, it was determined that the academic enterprise needed to be clarified thus job descriptions were created for these executive level positions. 


Administration Growth

With the undergraduate enrollment projected to remain constant, the FSEC expressed concern about the growing administration at the unit level and the potential for more expansion with the research infrastructure.  Dr. Garrison noted that the proposed organizational chart associated with the visioning/planning process depicts moving existing entities (e.g., IRB, Research Foundation, HIPAA, etc.) to report to the Vice President for Research.  This is a necessary investment for UAB and its research infrastructure to ensure compliance within the new federal guidelines. 


Annual Performance Reviews

Since post-tenure review is not occurring in some units, the Faculty Senate will take the lead on this issue.  The evaluation process should encompass specific criteria and tenure/promotion guidelines with written feedback to ensure faculty maintain production/performance. 


Composition of University-wide Committees and Councils

In reference to the University-Wide Committees and Councils listing, the FSEC would like to know how the members of the committees are chosen, the role of each committee, and how each committee supports the infrastructure.




UAB Administrative Systems (STEPS) Implementation Delay

Dr. Garrison announced that Sheila Sanders and Richard Margison have assumed leadership of the STEPS project.  The Human Resource/Payroll component go-live will be moved from July 1, 2003 to October 1, 2003, while the Finance component will be moved from October 1, 2003 to January 1, 2004.  It is very important to perform integrated testing to ensure the system is fully operational.  A conscious decision was made not to implement a system before it is ready because of the negative public relations and the difficulty of regaining the confidence of the end-user. 


There will be an impact on the project budget to complete the additional work identified to date; however, it was noted that similar systems implementations have cost other universities significantly more than UAB.  Despite a heavy workload, the project team remains very committed to achieving a successful implementation. 


Future Direction for International Studies

A discussion ensued with regard to centralizing and giving visibility to these programs.  While the structure cannot be defined now, it is important to:


Administration Evaluations

Due to time constraints, this item was deferred to the next meeting of the FSEC.