Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




November 4, 2003



Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Mark Lockhart; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. Pamela Murray; Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. John Smith; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. John Wittig; Dr. Michael Wyss





Update on Budget

Dr. Smith requested that Richard Margison and Dr. Eli Capilouto give their Academic Program Council budget presentation to the Faculty Senate on November 11, 2003.  Also, an invitation will be extended to David Fine and Dr. William Deal to give a presentation on the UAB Health System All-Funds budget to the Faculty Senate in the future. 


A discussion ensued regarding salaries; however, it was noted that the University of Alabama System is developing a concensus statement regarding salary guidelines for FY 2004.  Once finalized, it will be distributed through the normal budget process and communicated to the UAB community.


Dean Evaluation Process

The response rate to the dean evaluations being conducted via internet by I.D.E.A. Center has reached approximately 50-60%.  A process has been implemented to track the minimal complaints received to date. 


The FSEC discussed the flow of evaluation results.  Dr. Garrison encouraged more dean involvement in the process; thus, she emphasized the evaluation results should be presented first to the deans for review. 


Recreation Center Fees & Projected Rates for Faculty/Staff

The FSEC expressed a concern of the projected monthly fees for faculty/staff use of the new recreation center and inquired if the Bell/Wallace gymnasium would still be available.  Drs. Garrison and Capilouto noted that a space/usage analysis of the Bell/Wallace gym is being conducted.  Other factors discussed included comparing local community/market pricing, convenience, “emeriti” faculty benefit and a sliding scale for monthly fees. 


University-Wide Committees

Dr. Smith noted that Dr. Capilouto is working on updating the list of the University-wide committees to include current chair(s), membership/composition and meeting frequency.  All obsolete committees will be removed.  The FSEC offered any assistance to help collect accurate data for this process. 


Status of Linkage of the Strategic Plans for Academic Units with the UAB Strategic Plan

The Provost has met with all the deans.  The scorecards and metrics for the individual schools are being finalized and will be placed on UAB’s website once completed. 


Interaction of the Senate with the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Dr. Smith noted that the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs has been the FSEC liaison for certain issues.  With the reorganization of the Provost office, the FSEC inquired about this position’s role and how they should interact/proceed.  Dr. Capilouto will address this item at the next FSEC meeting.


Faculty Senate Constitution-Article V.  Purposes and Powers of the Senate

In reviewing the Faculty Senate Constitution, the FSEC asked about the current process for review of how the Senate should provide “advice about new or revised degree programs, academic requirements for degrees, or admission policies” (e.g., Special Studies).  It was noted that the administration would review any decisions regarding degree programs; however, Special Studies was not a degree granting program.  This decision was made in response to state budget cuts that require us to focus on UAB’s core mission as established during the strategic planning process. 


Follow-up from FSEC [October 7, 2003]-Faculty Senate Review Subcommittee for Periodic Review of Faculty-Subcommittee Formation Planning

Dr. Smith indicated that the Faculty Senate is entering the second phase of the post-tenure review survey process.  The FSEC would like to enlist involvement of the Provost and deans as they establish a committee to review and optimize this process. 


Additional Item

In lieu of an annual report for each school, the Provost’s office will make one copy of the “Planning Meeting Books” assembled for each school available for review in the respective dean’s offices.