University of Alabama at Birmingham
The Faculty Senate

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of 6 January 2003


President Carol Garrison; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Charles Falany; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Marcus Hickson; Dr. Jeanne Hutchison; Kirsten Nelson; Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. John Smith; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Bettye Wilson; Dr. John Wittig


Dr. Kurt Denninghoff; Dr. Pat Greenup


Dale Turnbough

Phone Survey

Dale Turnbough presented the results of an Image Survey conducted in April 2002, noting a continuing trend of enhanced perception of UAB as a university of choice. One interesting fact was that 40% of the community gets their news about UAB from "driving by the campus." With this in mind, ideas to promote campus development include: improved signage, lighting and logos for buildings, softness on the University Boulevard corridor (e.g., student recreation center, grassy areas, etc.), and enhanced window display for the new Henry B. Peters Building (Optometry Teaching Clinic).

State Budget Forecast

Dr. Heaven presented a forecast of the Educational Trust Fund (ETF) of the State budget which assessed the tax revenues and percentage growth of ETF receipts over recent years. With an increase in rates for Teacher's Retirement and PEEHIP, a 10% shortfall is estimated for FY2004. Dr. Garrison stated that relief will come from a new tax structure. The business community has expressed a willingness to pay more taxes; however, they are demanding accountability through established goals and measurable outcomes. Governor Riley has formed several committees to review the State's economic situation which include addressing constitutional reform and education. Also, he would like to "un-earmark" funds to move around within the budget as needed.

Both Dr. Garrison and Chancellor Portera recognize the financial requirements with regard to faculty salaries, buildings and laboratories, have made a strong commitment to these issues. Dr. Garrison emphasized that the university must reaffirm and refine its' vision and goals before any reallocation can occur. Dr. John Smith suggested that an analysis should be conducted of every new initiative to determine the status of the program/degree in terms of its financial and programmatic success and/or failure.

Other Matters