DRAFT Summary of Minutes – Faculty Senate Meeting November 9, 2004


Chair Report:  Chair Ted Benditt presented an update for these activities: (1) Ongoing IDEA evaluation of President Carol Garrison and Acting Provost Eli Capilouto and encouraged Senators to communicate with colleagues and to participate in the process; (2) QEP report and presentation by Chair Marilyn Kurata to the Senate’s Curriculum and Research Committee; (3) topics discussed at the November 2, 2004 Executive Committee meeting with President Garrison and Acting Provost Capilouto [UAB organizational chart current structure and reporting lines, administrator search committees and processes, economic rules implementation and timeline for practices, grievance process for diversity related concerns]; (4) APC meeting topics [UAB libraries revenue streams and changes related to electronic publications; Effort Reporting education program status; implementation of a permanent Commission on the Status of Women at UAB to address concerns related to women faculty, staff and students]; (5) Board of Trustees meeting on November 4-5, 2004 [Alabama campus plans to increase its enrollment considerably, including substantial increases in out of state students, review of low enrollment programs/courses/faculty teaching loads; Alabama System to request 15% increase for state funding during 2005.]

Report from Senate Executive Committee to the Senate and Senate’s Review of the Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies.

Chair Benditt reviewed the process Faculty Handbook review initiated by the Faculty Policies and Procedures in 2001 and the stages of review of the proposed revisions to date. The Senate Executive Committee has worked since June to develop alternative language and recommendations to respond to the Acting Provost’s revisions to the Senate approved version [submitted in May 2003 to Acting Provost Capilouto.] The Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C with the Senate Executive Committee recommendations were distributed to the Senators on October 22, 2004. A review of the rationale and recommendations for alternative language was opened to questions and comments from Senators. After review of all alternative language recommended by the Executive Committee and the approval of two additional word changes, the Senate approved the documents with the alternative language recommended by the Executive Committee.

Acting Provost Capilouto’s comments/response to the Senate’s recommendations for alternative language to the documents. Acting Provost Capilouto outlined seven sections [2.4.5; 2.4.9; 2.6.2;;; and Appendix A] items that are viewed of concern and requested that the Senate review these sections of Section 2.0 and Appendix A before submission to the Provost for consideration of the Senate’s recommendations for revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies. Additionally, Acting Provost Capilouto requested that the Senate address and include in the Section 2.0 document to be forwarded to the Provost’s office the topic of “tenure clock stoppage.” The Provost’s proposal (October 5, 2004) for the “tenure clock stoppage” will require review by the FPPC and the Senate. With these concerns and request to the Senate, the Senate postponed the vote on any motion to forward a Senate approved version of Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C to the Acting Provost. Chair Benditt requested Acting Provost Capilouto to forward written comments addressing his concerns and the proposal for tenure clock stoppage to the Senate. The Executive Committee will review these topics on November 17, 2004.

Senate Standing Committee Reports: No reports were presented due to the time required for discussion of Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C.

Announcements: The next Senate meeting is December 14, 2004 in HUC AB. The Higher Education Day has been scheduled for March 3, 2005. Senate elections process will begin in December with nominations for Chair-elect and Secretary due in January.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate web page after approval at the December Senate meeting.