Summary of Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting February 8, 2005


Chair Report: Chair Ted Benditt presented an update on topics discussed at the February 1, 2005 Executive Committee Meeting with President Carol Garrison and Acting Provost Eli Capilouto [responses to faculty questions related to health benefits access; status of development and implementation of faculty appeals processes related to the IRB {internal process available at the IRB web page}, CIRB and IACUC with drafts in review process; SACS awareness activities planned for faculty, staff and students; and new Science & Technology Honors Program proposal.] Topics discussed at the last Academic Programs Council meeting included description if process for HIPAA training compliance requirements by April 20, 2005; QEP update; Science & Technology Honors Program planning process with targeted implementation for fall of 2005. Chair Benditt announced discontinuation of the Senate list serve because the Senate no longer needs this service to communicate with Senators or faculty with the availability of campus wide email contact. The Chair’s presentation to the Board of Trustees will be posted on the Senate web page under presentations. Chair Benditt reported that the Senate has received a response from Provost Capilouto concerning a Senate recommendation on non-academic misconduct information availability in appropriate publications and online materials and access to Direction Student Handbook. The Senate’s Curriculum & Research Committee will follow up with recommendations from the Provost related to faculty, staff and student awareness of these resources.

President’s Report: President Carol Garrison updated the Senate on the SACS process and preparation for the March 22-24, 2005 visit; the UAB report to the recent Board of Trustees meeting, Higher Education Day on March 3, 2005, the new Science & Technology Honors Program and the implementation of the new Commission on the Status of Women to be operational in August 2005.

Presentation on SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP): Chairman of the QEP Committee, Dr. Marilyn Kurata presented an executive summary of the QEP report for SACS. The executive summary report can be accessed at the Senate site under presentations []

The complete report for the QEP is available at

Standing Committee Reports:  Curriculum & research Senator and Chair Jeff Engler reported that the UAB Faculty Development Grant program is now open for applications that are due April 4, 2005. The guidelines are available from the office of Interim Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. James McClintock. Finance Committee Senator and Chair Warren Martin reported that the committee is continuing review of health benefits concerns. Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee – Senate Past-Chair John Smith presented two recommendations for consideration by the Senate: (1) Grade Posting & Grade Distribution Policy and the Senate approved to forward to the Acting Provost; and (2) Extension of Tenure Clock with revisions to sections, 7.5.1-7.5.3 of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies. The proposed changes were approved and will be forwarded to the Acting Provost.

Announcements: Senate election nominations are due by February 23, 2005 and the electronic voting process will be conducted in all academic units in March; the next Senate meeting is in the AB Penthouse CR1 on March 8, 2005 at 7:30 a.m.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the March Senate meeting.