Summary of Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting March 8, 2005


Chair Report:  Chair Ted Benditt updated the Senators on topics discussed at the most recent Academic Programs Council meeting [strategic research plan development; effort reporting training opportunities for faculty; SACS visit preparation for March 22-24; QEP awareness activities for faculty, staff and students; and that the University System is developing performance indicators using UAB’s plan and metrics as a model.] Chair Benditt reviewed topics discussed at the March 1, 2005 Executive Committee meeting with President Garrison and Acting Provost Capilouto {status of search committee activities; status of revised Section 2.0 and appendices; work environment metrics.} A request from the Student Government Association to the Senate concerning extension of evening hours during the week for Sterne Library was discussed and a request made to Senators to submit concerns or recommendations as to library utilization needs by students to Chair Benditt.

President’s Report: President Carol Garrison updated the Senate on these topics: (1) SACS visit preparation; (2) appointment of Sheila Sanders as Vice-President of Information Technology and that reorganization of the IT unit will address efficiencies and eliminate duplication across UAB, the Health System and the Health Services Foundation; (3) Section 2.0 and appendices have been forwarded to the Board {Acting Provost Capilouto indicated that a few minor changes were made to the document submitted by the Senate and that notification of status of document is expected soon}; (4) Higher Education Day and state budget projections for UAB; and (5) the implementation of the Community College Connections Program with Jeff State and Lawson State.

Presentation on UAB Research Infrastructure/Strategic Plan Draft:  Vice President Richard Marchase presented a working draft of changes to the UAB research infrastructure. This presentation is available at the Senate web site – pull down the Presentations tab {} Topics addressed in this presentation were (1) Reimplementation of the Research Advisory Group committees at the University level and in the academic units; (2) Quality Improvement 1 – Centers/Cores/IT – tactical plan to facilitate faculty research; (3) Quality Improvement 2 – Research Regulatory Compliance and development of research toolkit for faculty use; (4) Quality Improvement 3 – Grants and Contracts - process revisions to expedite faculty requirements; (5) Quality Improvement 4 – Research Review Groups with addition of IRB process for social and behavioral sciences needs; and (6) update on new research buildings, research investments and development of new research web site for coordination of research resources to assist faculty.

Standing Committee Reports:  Curriculum & Research Senator and Chair Jeff Engler reported on the committee activities during February to review a working draft of the information presented by Dr. Marchase and to prepare for the 2005 faculty development grants process. Faculty Affairs Committee Senator and Chair Gary Sapp reported that the committee has been addressing periodic career review for tenured faculty and will prepare recommendations to the Senate. The committee is continuing work on preparation of recommendations concerning Senate administration of administrator evaluations {deans, department chairs} for 2005-2006. Governance and Operations Senator and Chair Beverly Mulvihill updated the Senators on the role of alternates and the attendance/representation of academic units, encouraged Senators to complete ballots in the electronic voting process and to encourage colleagues to participate and submitted a recommendation for seeking assistance from Acting Provost Capilouto for implementation of the Senate Liaison activity by Senators. Finance Chair and Senator Warren Martin reported that the committee is addressing state dollars distribution and links with metrics at the academic unit level.

Announcements: The next Senate meeting is in the AB Penthouse CR1 on April 12, 2005 at 7:30 a.m.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the April Senate meeting.