Summary of Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting April 12, 2005


Chair Report:Chair Ted Benditt reported on these topics (1) Acting Provost quarterly report on faculty grievance or termination for cause committees indicated that there has been no activity during the last three months; (2) Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B and C are pending review and approval by the Chancellor; (3) the Provost has responded to Senate recommendations on work environment metrics related to salaries comparisons, faculty development, teaching loads, measure of full-time faculty teaching time and the Senate is reviewing for further consideration of the identified concerns; (4) SACS comments on faculty evaluation processes by all academic units and the need for standardization of the process and criteria; (5) quantitative dimension of faculty evaluation and documentation of correlation with merit pay decision outcomes; (6) update from Academic Programs Council meetings {new Science & Technology Honors program has accepted first students for fall 2005 implementation; faculty awareness of student/faculty free-speech rights; Senate liaison implementation; CEO W. S. White of UAB Research Foundation encouraging faculty to examine agreements more thoroughly; class scheduling and degree of use of non-standard scheduling of courses across academic units.}

Presidentís Report: President Carol Garrison expressed appreciation to faculty and staff for contributions related to SACS and QEP and identified planning for monitoring of activities during QEP implementation and databases essential for future SACS audits. President Garrison reported that SACS has suggested increased activities related to faculty development to support QEP and faculty teaching evaluations by students. The Provostís search committee process information is available at; presentations are scheduled for April 18 and 20 and archived videos of presentations will be available to faculty not able to attend and faculty members were encouraged to submit feedback on candidates. Faculty mentors are encouraged to volunteer for working with students entering the Science and Technology Honors program. The Deans and academic units are collecting information about current faculty development activities to identify needs for faculty related to QEP and promotion and tenure.

Presentation on UAB ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award:Associate Dean of Graduate School, Dr. Jeannette Doeller presented an update on the UAB activities. This presentation is available for review at at the presentations tab. Faculty members were encouraged to review the ADVANCE grant activities at

Standing Committee Reports:Curriculum & Research Committee -Senator and Chair Jeff Engler reported that the committee is continuing to review institutional investments in faculty development activities at the academic unit level. An update on the number of applications for the Faculty Development Grant program was presented and the awardees will be announced in the coming months. The committee plans to review the I.D.E.A. process for determination of student ratings of teaching

Finance Committee Ė Senator and Chair Warren Martin encouraged Senators to review the Distribution Indices report {available at

Faculty are requested to submit questions and comments}

Faculty Policies and Procedures: Past Chair John Smith presented the Conflicts of Interest Policy for second review by the Senate. The Senate voted concurrence with the March 22, 2005 version of the policy as received for second review.

Announcements: The next Senate meeting is in the AB Penthouse CR1 on May 10, 2005 at 7:30 a.m.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the May Senate meeting.