DRAFT Minutes Summary – August 10, 2004 – Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair of Faculty Report – Chair Benditt presented updates: (1) Books for Baghdad project – Sterne Library Director will serve as coordinator and an article in the Reporter will encourage faculty contributions; (2) 2004 Planning Notebooks-Annual Report and Scorecards  for Academic Units – electronic reports can be obtained by contacting Chair  at tbenditt@uab.edu ; (3) Provost quarterly report on grievances status indicated no new grievances filed; (4) Dr. Dale reported at Academic Programs Council meeting that issues related to diversity in the classroom should be reported to his office; faculty are encouraged to complete the diversity training and to implement Diversity Committee activities in each of the academic units to inform students, faculty and staff and monitor diversity concerns; (5) SACS – UAB Quality Enhancement Program (QEP)goal is to improve quality of learning experiences of students during core curriculum courses; the QEP group has identified general competencies and is developing tactics to assess student achievement of learning and competencies; the QEP report is to be completed in January 2005; (6) Section 2.0 Faculty Handbook – Executive Committee of the Senate is currently reviewing the Provost’s recommended changes to the Senate proposed revisions; this review will prepare the Senate’s response to the Provost’s recommendations to be presented to the Senate.

President Garrison Update – President Garrison reported the current status of the search processes: (1) David Hoidal has been appointed at CEO for the UAB Health System; (2) Dean of School of Medicine search is ongoing; (3) Internal search processes will be implemented for the Vice President of Information Technology and the Vice President of Research; (4) a decision will be made soon about the type of search process for the positions of Dean of the Graduate School and the Provost. President Garrison recognized faculty and programs that have recently received grants and external recognition for contributions to UAB.

Presentations – UAB Facilities Planning Updates – James Garland reviewed ongoing and planned projects of the UAB Health System; Brooks Baker reviewed new and renovation projects for some of the 66 ongoing non-hospital projects on campus; and Virginia Gauld reviewed the progress on the recreation center. These presentations will be posted at the Senate site – http://www.uab.edu/fsenate/home.html see presentations pull down.

Senate Standing Committee Reports – Senator Jeff Engler reported that the Curriculum & Research Committee has completed the review process for the Faculty Development Grant Awards and the recipients will be announced soon. The committee is continuing work on the Senate’s recommendations concerning scorecard metrics for workplace environment and met with the President, Acting Provost, and John Lyons recently to review the Senate’s recommendations. Faculty Affairs Committee – Senator Gary Sapp reported that a draft proposal for the administrator evaluation of the President and Acting Provost was presented to the President on August 3 and described the draft timeline distributed to Senators; the committee is reviewing the current questions about sharing students’ grade distribution data. Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair John Smith presented a recommendation for revisions to the proposed draft of the UAB Nonsmoking Policy. The FPPC recommendation was approved and will be forwarded to the Provost as a Senate recommendation. A second recommendation concerning the Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook will be reviewed by the Executive Committee as review proceeds of the Provost’s recommendations. Senate Representative to University-wide committees – Senator Debra Laken submitted a written report for the Faculty Athletic Committee and the Academic Standards Subcommittee.

Announcements – September 14, 2004 – Next Senate meeting at 7:30 in HUC – A & B and at 3:30 p.m. in HUC auditorium, President Garrison will deliver the State of the University Address. The Senate’s draft summary minutes of meetings will now appear one week later than previously in the UAB Reporter due to changes in the Reporter deadline schedule.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of the minutes and a more complete record of the minutes will appear on the Senate Web page after approval at the September Senate meeting. http://www.uab.edu/fsenate/home.html