DRAFT Summary Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting October 11, 2005


Chair Report: Chair Peter Anderson updated the Senate concerning (1) completion of faculty input for IDEA evaluation of Department Chairs; (2) Provost Office reorganization [for job descriptions and revised UAB organizational chart visit the Provost web site http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=22399 and http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=22607]; (3) Provost appointed Task Force {Ted Benditt, Tim Kraft, Harold Jones, Tennant McWilliams} to review academic calendar; (4) Katrina Disaster Fund distribution criteria for funds; (5) 2005-2006 Academic Calendar is posted on UAB homepage; and (6) Feasibility Study of Sterne Library and Luster Hill Library Space Uses & Opportunities report is to be reviewed by faculty and comments communicated to the Provost.

President Report: President Carol Garrison expressed appreciation to faculty for support of UAB homecoming and recruitment activities to achieve admission goals for 2005 freshmen students; encouraged participation with Book Discussion scheduled events; and recognized faculty, student and staff contributions to UAB.

Presentation: Vice President for Student Affairs Virginia Gauld and Associate Vice President Enrollment Management DeeDee Bruns presented an update on student enrollment for fall 2005 [data summarized goals and actual numbers for GPA, ACT, % completing college preparatory curriculum, and other variables]; PowerPoint Presentation is available at the Senate site http://www.uab.edu/fsenate/home.html - Presentations pull down; Interim Dean of Graduate School Jim McClintock presented data for entering graduate students, information about the evolving unified admission process for the professional school programs and planned activities for improving quality of graduate programs such as theme-based education model.

Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum & Research Committee - Chair/Senator Jeff Engler updated on progress for student ratings of teaching effectiveness; a pilot study with the IDEA evaluation forms and process is planned for the end of fall term; the committee is seeking faculty volunteers to participate in the pilot study and is continuing to develop guiding principles and recommendations for the Senate to address measures of teaching effectiveness and to emphasize the importance of teaching and future faculty development programs. Faculty Affairs Committee Chair/Senator Mark Lockhart reported that the IDEA Department Chair reports are expected by November 1, 2005; the aggregate data reports are to be distributed to faculty by end of the term; committee is continuing work on administrator evaluation and periodic career review proposals for Senate review. Governance & Operations Committee Chair/Senator Jennifer Long announced a meeting of Senate Liaisons is planned to identify communication strategies within each academic unit and among senators. Finance Committee Senator Steve Mennemeyer announced plans for a web-based survey of faculty concerning fringe benefits and that the committee is reviewing the recent ranking of the UAB VIVA Health Plan by US News & World Report. Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee - Past-Chair Ted Benditt reported that three subcommittees have been formed to review UAB Family Friendly Policies, the future cycle for FPPC review of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies, and feasibility of student seminars concerning student ownership; a request from the FPPC has been forwarded to the Senate Governance & Operations Committee to review the timeline for elections of FPPC representatives.

New Business: No new business items were introduced to the Senators.

University-wide Committee Reports: Chair Anderson announced that Jeanne Hutchinson will serve as a faculty representative to the Committee on Academic Advising for 2005-2006; Senators Alison Chapman and Warren Martin will serve as representatives to the Campus Planning Committee; the Senate is seeking volunteers for service on the Police Advisory Committee. Senator Debra Laken reported on activities of the Academic Standards Subcommittee of the Athletic Advising Committee {NCAA progress toward degree standards; mobile computer lab for road trips; sequestering football players before weekday games; and plan for increasing and maintaining the NCAA APR requirements.} Senators were encouraged to submit any concerns or questions for meetings next week for the Athletic Advising Committee.

Announcements: Next Senate meeting November 8, 2005 in Great Hall; next FPPC meeting October 14, 2005. Minutes of meetings for the Senate, FPPC, Senate Executive Committee and Executive Committee with President and Provost are posted on the Senate homepage. Faculty members are encouraged to contact their Senator or FPPC representative using the links on the News Section of the Senate web page.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the November Senate meeting.