Summary of Minutes – October 12 2004 – Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair Report: Chair Ted Benditt presented an update on the following topics: (1) Safe Zone Training; (2) Course Grade Distribution Policy Draft; (3) tenure time policy draft; 4) evaluation of President and Acting Provost process, faculty will receive the evaluations electronically by October 22, 2004; (5) Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C -Senate will review the Provost and Senate Executive Committee recommendations at the November Senate meeting; (6) QEP core curriculum draft being reviewed Acting Provost with discussions for a grant proposal; (7) Board of Trustees- status of UAB’s response to  reducing institutional subsidy of the athletics activities.


Dr. Ferdinand Urthaler – Chairman of UAB Institutional Review Board (IRB) - an overview of IRB activities and process for addressing complaints of noncompliance and an internal appeal process by investigators. For specific information see IRB website

Dr. Ned Hook – Chairman of UAB Conflict of Interest Review Board (C.I.R.B.) - an overview of purpose, review process, types of infractions, potential penalties and that educational materials are being developed that will be posted at the CIRB web site

Dr. Suzanne Michalek Chairman of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) -an overview of goals, protocol review process, number of reviews/year and approval and appeal processes. See /show.asp?durki=34597

Draft policies for internal UAB appeal processes for IRB, CIRB and IACUC are under review. Power point presentations for the three speakers will be at the Senate web site in the near future.

Senate Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum & Research – Senator/Chair Jeff Engler reported a recent meeting with the APC to discuss scorecard metrics related to faculty development. These discussions will continue as the committee works on metrics related to work environment. The committee will review support for ongoing faculty development activities in three schools as a pilot for continuing work on faculty development support recommendations. Governance and Operations Committee – Senator/Chair Beverly Mulvihill reported that the committee discussed the roles and function of a senate liaison process and how to implement this Senate process across the various academic units with a range of communication challenges. Chair Mulvihill requested input from Senators for suggestions to implement a process of senate liaison that will enhance the diffusion of information by Senators to constituents in units and to initiate a communication link with the dean of each unit by the unit’s Senators. Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPPC) – Past-Chair John Smith reviewed the draft Conflict of Interest Policy with emphasis on policy to assure faculty rights and protection of UAB. The Senate approved the draft policy for movement to the next phase of the University-wide policy process. The FPPC presented a recommendation to the Senate to request the Provost to implement a plan to insure that all UAB academic catalogues (undergraduate, graduate, school) include a section on ‘non-academic misconduct.’ This was approved by the Senate. A second recommendation requests that the Provost implement a plan “to increase the awareness of and ease of access to Direction (UAB Student Handbook) and that this plan target all students, faculty members and staff.” This was approved by the Senate.

New Business: The Senate approved presented a resolution honoring the accomplishments and service of Dr. Albert F. LoBuglio.

Open Forum: (1) Acting Provost Eli Capilouto supported the Senate’s interest in the activities of the IRB, CIRB and the IACUC and discussed the importance of public trust in UAB and protection of the public. Dr. Lauretta Gerrity will coordinate development of educational activities to support faculty awareness related to compliance requirements.  Senators were encouraged to submit suggestions for these educational activities and to assist with the diffusion of information. (2) Senator Ken Tilashalski presented a summary of recreation center fees for faculty rates at institutions similar to UAB and pointed out that the announced UAB fees are the highest.

Announcements: (1) Chair Benditt reviewed the process for review of the Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C. All Senators were urged to review the materials prior to the meeting and to submit questions to Chair Benditt prior to the meeting. (2) The next Senate meeting-November 9, 2004 – HUC A and B at 7:30 am.  (3) The Senate conducted evaluations for the President and the Acting Provost will occur during October 18-November 5, 2004.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate web page after approval at the November Senate meeting.