Minutes Summary–January 13, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair of the Faculty Report – Chair John Smith updated the Senate on the following activities: (1) Dean performance evaluations – Deans received numeric and comments reports on January 7, 2004 and numeric reports will be distributed to Faculty by unit on January 22, 2004;  (2) President Garrison and Provost Capilouto have encouraged Deans to present their proposed goals and scorecard metrics to the Faculty of their academic units; (3) SACS accreditation – The Compliance Plan and Quality Enhancement Plan working groups are progressing with assigned tasks; (4) Academic Unit Reports – Phase III – Faculty Governance questions distributed; (5) Provost Capilouto has reported that no grievances were filed during September 3 – December 5, 2003; (6) Economic Rules Committee is meeting to develop economic rules as framework for decision making in the future; (7) University-wide committees updated information will be shared with Faculty Senate; (8) Higher Education Day will be February 26, 2004 and Faculty are encouraged to participate; (9) Faculty are encouraged to support Higher Education Partnership that works with the UA System and UAB lobbyists; (10) Senators were reminded to submit nominations for Chair-elect and Secretary positions by January 16, 2004 and Chair Smith reported that the Faculty Senate elections process will be completed using electronic voting during March, 2004; (11) Senator Debra Laken has been appointed to the Academic Standards Committee and the Faculty Athletics Committee; (12) Chair Smith is a member of the UAB Naming Committee and will periodically report to the Senate; (13) Chair Smith reported Dr. Reynolds retirement as of December 2003.

Dr. Sadis Matalon – Interim Vice President for Research presented an overview of UAB’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) activities. Topics addressed included: (1) Why we need an IRB; (2) What is the IRB; (3) Mission and Purpose of IRB; (4) Process for submission of grant proposals; (5) When IRB is required; (6) Tracking log for a proposal; (7) Importance of the IRB website as a resource of information for Faculty; (8) Identified directors and staff affiliated with IRB; (9) Description of types of reviews and time required for response by IRB; (10) Update on the IRB response to six recommendations from the IRB Task Force Report from October 2003. Faculty are encouraged to visit the UAB Research web page at http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=696

And the IRB web site at


Dr. Matalon’s PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the Faculty Senate web page in the presentations drop down area at


Faculty Senate Standing Committees – No committee reports were presented; however, all of the committees are continuing work that was initiated prior to the Holidays.

Academic Unit Reports – Senators for these academic units Natural Sciences & Math, Nursing, Public Health, Optometry and Social Behavioral Sciences submitted reports concerning current practices related to periodic review of tenured faculty over and above the merit review process and the interest of faculty to be involved in Faculty Senate conducted evaluations of identified academic administrators. These Phase II reports for all of the academic units will be summarized and review by the Senate’s Executive Committee and decisions make for follow up discussions and actions by the Senate. Chair Smith indicated that the Phase III reports will focus on Faculty Governance and that information from Phase I, II and III will be used to identify best practices in each of the academic units. The information developed by the academic units will be the basis of future Faculty Senate discussions and activities.

Open Forum – Questions or comments from Senators included: (1) Progress report on STEPS implementation; (2) Need for all Faculty members to have BlazerID and strong password, any Faculty needing to obtain BlazerID and password should visit

https://chambord.dpo.uab.edu/blazerid.html#form in preparation for STEPS implementation; (3) Concerns about recognition for research activities and UAB researchers; President Garrison described ongoing activities to recognize UAB researchers but did request that suggestions be submitted that would enhance recognition for investigators, their research and for UAB.

Announcements – The next Faculty Senate meeting is February 10, 2004 and the academic units scheduled to report on Phase III questions (Faculty Governance) are Joint Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Business, Dentistry, and Education; Dr. McClintock, Interim Dean of the Graduate School and DeeDee Bruns, Director of Enrollment Management will speak at the February Senate meeting; President Garrison and Provost Capilouto will speak at the March Senate meeting; and Mr. David Fine and Dean Will Deal will speak at the April 13, 2004 Senate meeting.

This DRAFT summary of the minutes is submitted by Pat Greenup, Secretary of the Faculty for January 13, 2004 meeting. A more complete record of the minutes will appear on the Senate Web page prior to the February Senate meeting at