Summary of Minutes – Faculty Senate Meeting – July 2003


Chair of Faculty Report – Dr. John Smith reviewed the duties of the Chair and the Senate Executive Committee between Senate meetings and the Chair as the Senate’s representative to the Academic Programs Council, the Board of Trustees, the President and the Provost. The Chair summarized activities related to an advocacy role concerning the Campaign for Alabama and the need to encourage faculty support for the campaign and higher education.


Provost Capilouto Report – Dr. Capilouto presented a summary of a pilot study analyzing research and scholarship information compiled by the Institutional Studies and Services. This report is the product of a pilot study to evaluate data and resources of data for the development of metrics that might be useful for the UAB Strategic Planning Process. This report includes (1) Selected Research and Scholarship Activities; (2) Publications per Faculty Member; (3) Unweighted Semester Credit Hours Produced per Full-Time Faculty Member; (4) Percent of Full-Time faculty Paid from Ledger 5 and 6. Dr. Capilouto responded to questions and concerns and requested that faculty forward feedback on the report. Dr. Capilouto indicated that a final decision about how this type of data might be used in the future has not yet been determined.


Tax Reform – Dr. Mike Wyss presented information about the Campaign for Alabama and the need for faculty to be advocates for this tax reform policy issue. Dean Tennant McWilliams reviewed the University System activities and the planned UAB strategic plan “to get out the vote” for the tax reform vote. Activities are being planned to encourage faculty, students and staff to be informed and to encourage support for the vote.


Fringe Benefits Committee Report – Dr. Linda Reed, the Senate’s representative to the committee reported the following recommendations developed by the committee: (1) retain ob-gyn open panel for VIVA UAB subscribers and keep the hospital deductible at $250.00; (2) Convert the current two-tier system to a three-tier system for UAB’s three health insurance plans; (3) Inclusion of full time bi-weekly employees with six months of service in TIAA-CREF on or before Oct 1, 2004.  The Committee will address the recommendations for health insurance premiums at the July meeting. The Fringe Benefits Committee will prepare a report of the recommendations for submission to President Garrison.


Employee Benefits Update  - Associate VP for Human Resources, Susan McWilliams addressed questions from the Faculty Senate concerning the flex card services and the Faculty Hotline. Faculty members who have questions about the flex card should use the Faculty Hotline 322-8589. This number is available 24 hours per day.


Academic Unit Reports – During this academic year for the Faculty Senate, each of the academic units will periodically present two to three issues to the Senators for discussion and consideration for future Senate review and action. The following summarizes the presentations from four academic units.

Joint Health Sciences – Senator Jiri Mestecky presented these issues: (1) graduate student stipends and the need for competitive stipend awards to attract students and the concern for the source of the dollars needed; (2) impact of the continuing tuition increases for graduate studies in the JHS programs; (3) impact of the current University-wide freeze on salary decisions especially for employees totally paid by grant resources.


Arts and Humanities – Senator Bruce McComiskey presented these issues: (1) English faculty composition, salaries, UAB commitment to this workforce; (2) faculty workload and the conflict of commitments to achieve criteria for promotion and tenure; (3) request of the Senate to review the teaching workload associated with the semester schedule.


Business - Senator Warren Martin presented these issues: (1) need for assistance to the faculty to enhance grant opportunities and activities that will support faculty and the school to achieve improvements in productivity and faculty development; (2) feasibility of an Advisory Board of UAB experts to assist with faculty development and mentoring; (3) consideration for the development of UAB faculty resources services across academic units; (4) request to Senate to review the MWF schedule and consider the feasibility of a MW schedule to assist students and faculty.


Dentistry – Senator James Broome presented these issues: (1) salary levels related to concerns for recruitment and retention of faculty; (2) faculty effort distribution issues and conflicts for achieving promotion and tenure criteria; (3) administrator accountability and the need for budget process transparency.


Summary submitted by Pat Greenup, Secretary of Faculty for July 8, 2003 meeting. For a more record of minutes see Senate web page: