Summary of the July 10, 2007 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Pat Greenup announced the following items:


1)      State of the University address by President Garrison is scheduled for October 4, 2007 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Spain Auditorium.


2)      Topics discussed at the Senate Executive Committee meeting on June 27, 2007 included faculty salaries and memorandums from the Provost comparing UAB faculty salaries in  non-health schools with Southern University Group (SUG) data and describing UAB

fiscal year 2008 budget and salary planning, senate orientation, appointment of senate representatives to university-wide committees, and standing committee reports with

current activities and plans for coming year.


3)      Topics discussed at the Senate Executive Committee meeting with the President on June 29, 2007 included Investment Pool for Action (IMPACT) funding, process for university-wide committee appointments, review of senate bylaws, strategic plan and scorecards, value of institutional service, data on faculty ranks, athletics certification process and senate representation, athletics master plan, faculty salaries, and dean searches for social and behavioral sciences and business.


4)      Senate approved FPPC recommended revisions to section (annual evaluations) of the faculty handbook were forwarded to the Provost on June 13, 2007.  The Provost will review the approved revisions in conjunction with the future revisions to section 3.8 (standards of behavior) of the faculty handbook.


5)      Volunteers for the Senate Ad Hoc group to address continuity of learning related to the Campus Pandemic Influenza Planning Committee (CPIPC) have been identified.  There is a need for additional volunteers to assist with the senate history project.  Interested individuals should contact Chair Pat Greenup at


6)      Senators encouraged to think about possible incentives for faculty to increase participation related to institutional service for strategic enrollment management including the advising  of students and the support of improving student retention and graduation rates.  Senators encouraged to identify how institutional service to UAB is recognized and rewarded in the current annual evaluation process and promotion and tenure guidelines for faculty in the academic units.  This information should be shared with Chair Pat Greenup at


7)      Senators encouraged to submit suggestions about possible presentations and topics for discussion at future senate meetings to Chair Pat Greenup at






President Report


President Carol Garrison announced the following items:


1)      Dr. Jean Ann Linney has been named the new dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (more info).  Dean search for the School of Business is progressing with the formation of a search committee and identification of a search firm.


2)      Scorecards have undergone some minor changes but no major revisions are planned for the future.  UAB has exceeded the goals in some areas but has fallen below in other areas. 


3)      Budget has been presented to several groups on campus.  The goal is to make the budget transparent so everyone understands how budget decisions are made.  It is anticipated that the Provost will present the budget at the September senate meeting.


4)      Service to the institution is an expectation and should be specified as such in the annual evaluation process and the promotion and tenure guidelines for faculty in all academic units.


5)      Faculty encouraged to complete the employee communication survey designed to gather input about the university’s efforts to keep employees informed of news, information,

and activities at UAB and to solicit suggestions for improving employee communication (more info - available in BlazerNET under Employee Resources tab then Survey channel).  Senators encouraged to think about possible ways to improve communication within the university and to submit suggestions to Chair Pat Greenup at





Distressed Student Training for Faculty


Ms. Susan Hart, Program Director for the Counseling and Wellness Center, described a three-part program proposal for faculty and staff development on how to identify and intervene with distressed students.  An interest survey was distributed to deans, chairs, faculty enrichment committee members, and HR partners (staff on campus responsible for personnel issues in their respective schools or departments).  Topics recommended for the training program were identifying distress signals, steps to take in crisis situations, resources available when interacting with students in distress, what to do and not do when intervening with distressed students, and guidelines regarding the application of FERPA and university non-academic conduct policies when working with distressed students.  The training formats will include an online introduction, a workshop lasting one to two hours, and an in-depth intervention training for those who interact more closely with students.  It is anticipated that the online introduction will be available in mid-August and that the workshops will be offered early in the fall.  The presentation materials are posted on the senate page under presentations at






Some useful websites for dealing with distressed students and emergency situations:


- How to Deal with Distressed Students


- UAB Emergency Information


- Stress Tops Common UAB Student Struggles – UAB Kaleidoscope – July 10, 2007



Intellectual Ownership Recommendations from FPPC Subcommittee


FPPC Chair Donna Handley reported that a minor change was made to the intellectual ownership recommendations based on the discussion at the June senate meeting.  A sentence was added to the first item that states that each school/department/division will determine the timing and frequency of responsible conduct of research training.  The document was approved by the senate with no further discussion or modifications.



Curriculum and Research Committee Report


Senator Heather Martin reported on the Scholarly Communication Institute which was attended by three representatives from UAB (Peter Anderson from Department of Pathology, Heather Martin from Mervyn Sterne Library, and Sylvia McAphee from Lister Hill Library) in December 2006.  The purpose of the institute is to help attendees become more fluent in scholarly communication issues and prepare them to share information on their campuses.  Scholarly communication is the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated to the scholarly community, and preserved for future use.  The following were identified as scholarly communication issues of concern to UAB:  open access journals, author rights, institutional repository, and legislative issues including the NIH Public Access Policy and the Federal Research Public Access Act.  The following were identified as recommendations for UAB:  campus-wide symposium on scholarly communication issues, tie author rights topic to the promotion of the UAB Copyright Policy, identify partners for scholarly communication issues on campus, and education program for librarians at Lister Hill and Sterne Libraries to promote awareness to faculty in schools.  The presentation materials are posted on the senate page under presentations at


Some useful websites for scholarly communication:


- Scholarly Communication Toolkit


- Author Rights:  Using the SPARC Author Addendum to Secure Your Rights


- Institutional Repositories:  Hidden Treasurers

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report


Senate Chair Pat Greenup reported on topics discussed at the FPPC meeting on June 15, 2007 including the intellectual ownership recommendations, review of the faculty handbook according to the cycle, and standards of behavior and the meaning of professionalism and collegiality.  A subcommittee on standards of behavior was formed and a meeting with Cheryl Locke from Human Resources was held on July 2, 2007.





The next senate meeting is August 14, 2007 in the Administration Building Penthouse CR1, the next FSEC meeting is July 25, 2007, the next FSEC meeting with the President and Provost is August 7, 2007, and the next FPPC meeting is July 20, 2007.



UAB Faculty Senate –



Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the August senate meeting.