Summary Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting – April 11, 2006



Chair Report: Chair Peter Anderson announced the completion of the election process for the 2006-007 officers and for those academic units that had submitted nominees. The following academic units have not completed the election process and it will be done when the units submit nominees. Chair Anderson encouraged Senators to attend the April 17 reception for the Senate members at the Woodward House and reported that Provost Eli Capilouto has requested deans, department chairs and library directors to insure that all faculty members have annual evaluations conducted as described in Section of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies.

President Report: President Carol Garrison announced the appointment of Dr. Philip Way as the new Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs and that he will join UAB in September 2006. President Garrison announced that Ashley Roach has been named a Goldwater scholar recipient, the recent top award to the UAB Mock Trial team and the opening of the Shelby building. President Garrison encouraged faculty to participate in the May 6 graduation ceremony.

Presentation: Dr. Rose Scripa presented an outline of scheduled Faculty Development and Enrichment activities scheduled for April and May: Spring Institute – Learning Communities April 27-28; Blended Learning, Master Teacher, Teaching Portfolio; faculty interested in attending any of these events should contact Dr. Scripa as

University-wide Proposals for APC Consideration: Chair of Curriculum and Research Jeff Engler (representing the three Senate members of the APC) presented an overview of each of the six proposals: Faculty Development; Graduate School Fiscal 2007 Budget; Honors Program; Proposal to Improve Library Information Resources; Research Investment Strategy, and UAB Study Abroad Scholarship. The summary presented is posted on the Senate web at

Senators and faculty are encouraged to review these proposals – posted at the Provost web site – and submit your comments to Jeff Engler ( or Pete Anderson ( or Joe March ( prior to April 19, 2006.

Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum & Research Committee – Senator and Chair Jeff Engler reported that the committee has reviewed the Honors Programs proposal and will have recommendations for the Senate at the May meeting; has reviewed the DRAFT Copyright Policy with comments to be forwarded to Senate Executive Committee and the committee has continued the development of recommendations for student rating processes to be forwarded to Senate.

Finance Committee: Senator and Chair Warren Martin reported that the fringe benefits survey instrument is ready for distribution.

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC): Ted Benditt, Past-chair of the faculty and FPPC Senate representative presented the following items for Senate action: (1) UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies revisions/recommendations from the FPPC (refer to Senate page presentations link for overview of sections under review); the focus was on Section 3.5.1 and with the reinsertion of the statement “The provost should be notified on a quarterly basis of all such approvals and activities.” The Senate approved all of the Sections of the Handbook as recommended by the FPPC and the revisions to the Conflicts of Commitment Policy as recommended by the FPPC.  The Senate approved forwarding all FPPC recommendations to the Provost. (2) First reading of two new FPPC recommendations – (a) Extension of tenure-earning period-Section Length of Tenure Earning Period – this FPPC recommendation was returned to the FPPC for further consideration; (b) Section 2.3.1 Tenure-earning and Tenured Faculty – loss of tenure when tenured faculty must temporarily be part-time – this recommendation will be reviewed further by FPPC and presented at the May Senate meeting; (3) FPPC recommendations for Section 2.10.2 UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee membership and Senate Bylaws II.2.b FPPC membership in the bylaws to be consistent with the Section 2.10.2 of the Faculty Handbook were presented for first reading and will be voted at the May Senate meeting.

Announcements: (1) Faculty Development grant proposals are ready for Curriculum & Research Committee review process; (2) Next Senate Meeting – May 9, 2006 in Penthouse; (3) Next FPPC meeting is April 21, 2006; Next meeting of Senate Executive Committee with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto is May 2, 2006.

Secretary Pat Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the May Senate meeting.