Summary of the January 8 Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair Report:  Chair Pat Greenup announced the following items:  1) Elections process has begun and nominations needed for senate officers, senators, and FPPC representatives; 2) Topics discussed at FSEC meeting included agendas, IDEA administrator evaluation process, proposed amendments to senate constitution and bylaws, and Provost response to senate recommendations for family friendly revisions to faculty handbook; 3) Topics discussed at FSEC meeting with President and Provost included market research survey, annual faculty evaluations, IDEA administrator evaluation process, firearms policy and guns on campus, standards of behavior, codes of conduct for University of Alabama System, family friendly recommendations, and amendment process for senate constitution and bylaws.


President Report:  President Carol Garrison announced the following items:  1) Heritage Hall is open for classes and Campus Green should be completed in May 2008; 2) Freshman class for next year is being assembled and graduate and professional students are being recruited.


Presentations:  Max Richard provided an overview of occupational health and safety program and Stella Cocoris discussed early alert system and advisement tracking.  The presentations are posted on the senate page at


Revisions to Section 3.8 on Standards of Behavior of Faculty Handbook:  Senate Chair Pat Greenup presented revisions to section 3.8 on standards of behavior which were approved by the senate with two amendments.  The senate recommendation will be forwarded to the Provost.


Announcements:  Next senate meeting is February 12, 2008 in Administration Building Penthouse CR1, next FSEC meeting is January 30, 2008, next FSEC meeting with President and Provost is February 5, 2008, and next FPPC meeting is January 18, 2008.  Nominations for Senate Chair-Elect and Secretary are due February 1, 2008, and nominations for Senators and FPPC Representatives are due February 22, 2008.


Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the February senate meeting.  The minutes of the FPPC meeting are available for review on the senate page at