Summary of the February 13 Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair Report:  Chair Joe March announced the following items:  1) FSEC discussed issues identified by senators at December senate meeting with President and Provost; 2) Odyssey Consulting conducted assessment of Provost Office and led workshop for administrators on January 29 to address specific goals; 3) Activities for Knight v. Alabama court case include posting settlement agreement, summary presentation for department chairs, and formation of black faculty and staff association; 4) Senate recommended changes to Section 6.1.1 In-State Travel have been approved by Provost and will appear in online version of faculty handbook; 5) Claire Peel met with FSEC to discuss faculty development, student evaluations of faculty teaching, and periodic career developmental review; and 6) Senators encouraged to nominate colleagues for faculty awards.


President Report:  President Carol Garrison announced the following items:  1) Michele Wilson and Jose Fernandez honored with UAB President’s Award for Diversity; 2) International Bazaar was held in January as part of UAB Community Week; 3) SBS Dean Tennant McWilliams stepping down this summer, and new SBS building scheduled for completion in 2008; and 4) Nursing ranked nationally as top academic department for faculty scholarly productivity.


Presentations:  Cheryl Locke summarized the revised equal opportunity policy and David Corliss provided information on the QEP and quantitative literacy.  The presentations are posted on the senate page.


Standing Committee Reports:  Curriculum and Research Committee – Chair Nasim Uddin reported that the committee discussed the faculty development grant program, metrics for teaching effectiveness, senate representation on UPC, and recommendations from scholarly communication institute representatives.


Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee – Chair Carolyn Walden presented and explained the recommendations for family friendly revisions to the faculty handbook which will be discussed and voted on at the March senate meeting.


Finance Committee – Chair Michael Humber asked for specific issues related to reimbursement for meetings and travel and possible contradictions between school and university policy.


Governance and Operations Committee – Chair Pat Higginbottom reported that the committee does not recommend implementing any changes to the current election cycle and is working on the election and role of Senators-at-Large.


Announcements:  The next senate meeting is March 13, 2007 in the Hill University Center Great Hall, the next FSEC meeting is February 28, 2007, the next FSEC meeting with the President and Provost is March 6, 2007, and the next FPPC meeting is February 16, 2007.  Nominations for Chair-Elect, Secretary, Senators, and FPPC Representatives are due on February 23, 2007.


Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the March senate meeting.  The minutes of the FPPC meeting are available for review on the senate page at