Summary Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting – March 14, 2006


Chair Report:  Chair Peter Anderson updated the Senate on the Higher Education Day activities on March 2, 2006. The focus of this Senate meeting is the reports from the Standing Committees.

President Report: President Carol Garrison updated the Senate on the recent Governor’s Summit on Math & Science Education and described the opportunities to recruit students by greater dissemination of information about the UAB restructuring of science and math offerings to undergraduate students. It was announced that enrollment of new freshmen for fall 2006 is exceeding that of fall 2005. President Garrison reported that graduation rates for all UAB sports athletes are under review with the focus on improving recruitment and academic performance rates and graduation outcomes. Provost Eli Capilouto updated the Senate on the ongoing search committees’ activities for the two Associate Provost positions and that UAB is the one university in Alabama that is identified in the new Carnegie classification with the highest ranking. Provost Capilouto thanked faculty who assisted with the recent Science Fair and emphasized the importance of this activity as a recruitment opportunity.

Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum & Research Committee – Senator and Chair Jeff Engler reported that the Library Committee is preparing a preliminary report to be submitted to the Provost. The C&R committee is reviewing the Honors Program proposal to report to the April Senate meeting. An interim report on the Student Ratings of Faculty Teaching and the IDEA Pilot Survey was reviewed and input sought from the Senators. A power point summary of this interim report is available at the Senate web page at

Faculty Affairs Committee – Senator and Chair Mark Lockhart reviewed the major revisions to the Periodic Career Developmental Review Concept Proposal Draft based on feedback from Senators, members of the FPPC and constituent faculty of academic units. The working DRAFT document will be presented to the Deans at an Academic Programs Council meeting to solicit input before the document is revised and returned to the Senate for further consideration. The major concern identified by discussions has been that the validity of the proposed periodic career review process is dependent upon the annual evaluation process and that there is a need for defined and faculty approved criteria that are to be utilized in this annual evaluation process (Refer to Section in the online UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies at )

A recently Provost appointed committee is beginning work on identifying best practices for the annual evaluation processes across academic units and it is hoped that current practices will be reviewed by faculty and administrators in each academic unit/department to support written evaluation and feedback of faculty effectiveness in teaching, research and service and that these evaluations are based on defined criteria for all faculty members in a department.

Finance Committee – Senator and Chair Warren Martin reported that the survey instrument is ready for distribution to faculty to obtain feedback on concerns about fringe benefits with the focus on health benefits. Faculty will receive this survey before May.

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) – Past-Chair of Senate Ted Benditt as representative to the FPPC presented FPPC recommendations for revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies (Sections and policies other than Section 2.0)

This overview power point identifying minor changes versus major changes requiring review by the Senate is available at the Senate web page. Section 3.0 and the Conflicts of Commitment Policy (distributed electronically and as paper at meeting) are the documents requiring review. All other files current and FPPC recommendations sections of Part I of the Handbook are available upon request to or . These documents will be discussed at the April Senate meeting and the plan is to vote on forwarding these recommendations to the Provost.

Announcements: (1) Academic units that have not submitted nominees for Senate and/or FPPC elections need to do so ASAP; (2) Health Benefits Survey will be conducted by the Senate during March-April; (3) Next Senate meeting will be April 11, 2006 in the AB Penthouse CR1; (4) Next meeting of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto is April 4, 2006 (5) Next FPPC meetings are March 17 and April 21, 2006 in Penthouse CR1

Secretary Pat Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the April Senate meeting.