DRAFT Summary Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting – May 9, 2006


Chair Report: Chair Pete Anderson reported that Chair-elect Jeff Engler has resigned due to recent appoint to an administrative position with the Graduate School; a special election for the Chair-elect position will be necessary with nominees of eligible faculty from the Health Affairs academic units, nominations due May 31 to pga@uab.edu; greenup@uab.edu or sbelcher@uab.edu; reported that the Provost’s quarterly report for the status of grievance processes indicated that one grievance hearing committee has been appointed; reported that the Senators need to identify nominees for the two Senators-at-large positions on the Senate Executive Committee, this election will be conducted at the June Senate meeting; the focus of the May Senate meeting is a review of the annual reports from the Standing Committees of the Senate.

Provost Update:  Provost Eli Capilouto thanked the faculty for their contributions and support for the University and the community and to graduating students; reported that the bid process for the new academic building on the Campus Green is near completion; reported that the fall freshman enrollment is meeting expectations; reported that the new SUG faculty salary data is available and will be shared with Senate; reported that the review process for the University-wide proposals is in the summary report status and discussions as to available funds distribution in conjunction with budget planning is ongoing.

Standing Committee Reports: Chair Anderson introduced the annual reports indicating the importance of the role of the committees in shared governance between the faculty and administration. During the 2005-2006 year the committees have addressed a variety of faculty related topics that are described in the annual reports of each of the committees. Chair Anderson thanked the members for their contributions to the Senate and to the following reports (all reports are posted at http: main.uab.edu/fsenate/home.html)

Curriculum & Research Committee – Senator and Chair Jeff Engler presented “draft principles for adopting a system for student ratings of faculty teaching” and this document can be viewed at presentations drop down on the Senate web page. The annual report for the committee is posted on the Senate page outlining the major activities – UAB Copyright Policy review, review of UAB Honors College proposal, and review of Faculty Development Grant applications; review of plus/minus grading system; and the major activity review and development of student ratings process for determination of teaching effectiveness.

Faculty Affairs Committee – Senator and Chair Mark Lockhart outlined the IDEA administrator evaluation process and the issues to be considered this next year; described the current status of the Periodic Career Review proposal, this will be presented to the Deans and Library Directors at the May 17, 2006 Academic Programs Council meeting. The two activities are ongoing for the coming Senate year.

Finance Committee – Senator and Chari Warren Martin reported completion of the faculty survey concerning health benefits and that the results will be presented to the Fringe Benefits Committee during the coming months for discussions related to health insurance plans for the next year.

Governance & Operations Committee – Senator and Chair Jennifer Long summarized the topics addressed by the Committee and updated the Senate on the implementation of the Senate Liaison process.

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) – Past –Chair Ted Benditt presented the second reading of FPPC recommendations for revisions to the membership structure of the FPPC as described in the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies in Section 2.10.2, this proposed revision was approved by the Senate to be forwarded to the Provost; the Senate approved by 2/3 majority an amendment to the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws August 2004 edition to Section II.2.b FPPC membership to achieve comparable changes in the Bylaws as recommended for the Handbook. These two recommendations will be forwarded to the Provost. A written annual report was presented to the Senate by Chair of the FPPC Pat Greenup outlining issues addressed, recommendations sent to the Senate and listing topics pending further actions in the coming year.

Secretary of the Faculty Annual Report – Secretary Greenup submitted a written report outlining the activities of the Secretary and the Office Associate related to the development and maintenance of the official Senate records.

All annual reports are posted on the Senate web page link under News Update.

Announcements: Next Faculty Senate meeting – June 13, 2006 in Penthouse; the next FPPC meeting is May 19, 2006;next meeting of the executive committee with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto is June 6, 2006; nominations for Chair-elect of the Faculty are due to the Senate office by May 31, 2006;

Secretary Pat Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the June Senate meeting. The minutes of the FPPC meetings are posted on the Senate page at