Summary of Minutes – Faculty Senate Meeting May 10, 2005


Chair Report: Chair Ted Benditt reviewed the following topics (discussed at Academic Programs Council meetings since April Senate meeting) with the Senate: (1) UAB plans for implementation of SCT Banner Student Information System; (2) UAB Instructional Technology is offering faculty workshops for Instructional Technology and Blend ed Learning using WebCT and Blackboard (contact Tammy Edwards at 4-0429); (3) Acting Provost Capilouto will soon begin planning session meetings with Deans to review performance reports and budgeting; (4) an internal search is ongoing for the Director of the new Science and Technology Honors Program; (5) the search process for VP for Planning and Information Management position due to planned retirement by Dr. John Lyons; (6)current faculty evaluation processes are being reviewed and part of the planning for development of workshops for administrators and identification of objectives and purposes for various types of faculty evaluation processes; (7) scheduling of the President’s State of the University address is planned for mid-September (8) further work is needed to define scorecard metrics related to teaching load criteria across the academic units; and (9) academic administrators involved in hiring faculty and/or foreign national employees must comply with PERM labor certification requirements (contact UAB Human Resources Management for specific information.)

President Report:  President Carol Garrison reported: (1) the President’s Medal recipients Dr. John Lyons and Dean Rachel Booth were recognized at the May 7 Graduation ceremony; (2) State budgeting decisions are expected soon so that UAB planning for allocations and salary decision planning can begin soon; (3) President Garrison is expecting a response from the Board of Trustees by the end of May for the appointment of the Provost; (4) President Garrison recognized these faculty for their recently announced accomplishments: Brian Geiger, David Schwebel, Maryann Manning, Donna Hester, and the Management Faculty of Color Association.

Presentations:  (1) Dr. Rose Scripa presented a report on Recommendations to Improve Retention and Graduation (see this PowerPoint presentation at the Senate web site at the presentations tab)

These recommendations will be implemented for spring 2006 term. Future retention and graduation issues will focus on development of scorecard metrics and goals for retention and graduation rates. (2) Ms. Ina Leonard – University Counsel – Free Speech Issues in the Classroom. Concerns and examples related to First Amendment protections for student expression were reviewed. Faculty are encouraged to define “rules for discussion” for courses and assure that the topics are linked with the substance of the course content so that course objectives and civility are achieved. Faculty members have a duty to allow student expression and create a safe environment without offensive behaviors by any person in the classroom. Faculty should contact the Office of Legal Counsel when advice is required for specific situations. (3) Ms. Lucy Jones – Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform briefly addressed reasons why reform is needed and the impact on education and students Faculty were invited to assist with a petition to call for a convention of elected citizens for the purpose of presenting a new constitution to the voters of Alabama as soon as possible. For more information contact; the Faculty Senate is on record as a supporter of a constitutional convention for Alabama.

Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum and Research Committee -Senator and Chair Jeff Engler reported that recommendations for the Faculty Development Grant Program awards have been forwarded to Interim Dean McClintock and Acting Provost Capilouto. The committee is continuing work with topics such as means to emphasize standards of conduct for students, “plus/minus” grading and class scheduling and the academic calendar. The committee will be preparing recommendations for the Senate.

Finance Committee – Senator and Chair Warren Martin referred to the committee’s annual report and addressed concerns about the distribution indices for the coming budgeting and planning session cycle.

Faculty Affairs Committee – Senator Madelyn Coar summarized the committee’s recommendations concerning administrator evaluations. These recommendations are under review by the Executive Committee and will be presented to the Senate at a future meeting.

Announcements: The next Senate meeting is June 14, 2005 in the AB Penthouse CR1 at 7:30 a.m. The Secretary annual report was distributed to Senators. Nominees (from currently elected Senators) for Senators-at-Large to the Senate Executive Committee election at the June Senate meeting should be submitted to Stephanie Belcher at by May 31, 2005. Warren Martin announced that the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee is meeting May 13, 2005 (Senate has two representatives – Warren Martin and Linda Reed). Acting Provost Capilouto expressed appreciation to all Senators and the leadership for the work accomplished during the past year and especially recognized the contributions by Chair Benditt to UAB governance activities.

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the June Senate meeting.