Summary of Senate Meeting, May 13, 2003


The Year in Review.  Senate Chair Tim Heaven (Dentistry), chairing his last meeting of the Faculty Senate, reviewed Senate business of the past year, highlighting many presentations that kept the Senate informed about issues and activities of concern to the University.  See “Year in Review” at  




Tax Reform Resolution.  Dr. Ted Benditt (Secretary of Faculty; Arts and Humanities), after expressing the Senate’s thanks to Dr. Heaven for his service as chair of the Senate this year, presented a resolution in support of “tax reform designed to produce a fair, productive, and accountable tax structure” for higher education.  It was approved unanimously.


Resolution in Appreciation of Craig Beard.  The Senate approved unanimously a resolution thanking Craig Beard (Sterne Library) for developing and maintaining the Senate website.


Revision of Faculty Handbook.  Concluding a year-and-a-half-long process, the Faculty Policy and Procedures Committee recommended approval of changes to section 2 and appendices A, B, and C of the UAB Faculty Handbook.  Most of the changes are designed to bring clarity and efficiency to procedures governing faculty appointments, promotions, tenure, grievances, termination for cause, and financial exigency.  The changes, which are recommendations to the Provost and President, were approved unanimously.


Dr. Pat Greenup (Chair, FPPC; Health Related Professions) brought to the Senate a recommendation of FPPC to make the online version of the UAB Faculty Handbook available to the public beyond the University community.  A motion to recommend this to the Provost and President was approved unanimously.


For a more complete report see the Senate website: