DRAFT Summary of Minutes – Faculty Senate Meeting – July 12, 2005


Chair Report: Past-Chair Ted Benditt presented a summary of topics discussed at the June 29, 2005 Senate Executive Committee meeting with President Carol Garrison and Provost Eli Capilouto [(1) faculty evaluation audit process and timeline; (2) periodic career review of tenured faculty by the Senate and the need to define parameters of the exploratory work by the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Senate in development of recommendations concerning faculty/peer and administrative review processes; (3) academic calendar concerns identified by faculty; (4) faculty salary plans for October.] Past-Chair Benditt shared with the Senate the Provost’s Quarterly Report on Status of Grievances and that no grievance committees have been formed during the last quarter {one faculty grievance has been referred back to the academic unit according to the current procedure requirements.} In the absence of Senate representatives to the latest Academic Programs Council (APC) meeting, Provost Capilouto was requested to report on the meeting activities. The latest APC meeting addressed issues related to Effort Reporting and a Task Force chaired by Mr. Richard Margison will develop recommendations to improve compliance by faculty and staff with the essential Effort Reporting activities for the University.

President Report: President Carol Garrison reviewed issues related to UAB closure due to weather conditions and emphasized the need to focus on safety for UAB personnel and financial implications for UAB operations. The Graduate School Dean search process has identified four finalist candidates who will present open forum presentations during the coming week. The finalists for the Director of the Science and Technology Honors Program will be presenting open forum presentations before the end of July. Deans and financial officers of the academic units are preparing compensation plants/budgets for presentation to Provost Capilouto by July 15, 2005.

Presentation:  Ms Bettina Byrd-Giles, Program Director of Diversity UAB reviewed Organizational Development Models and Diversity [presentation is posted at the Senate site – see presentations http://www.uab.edu/fsenate/home.html] Resources information was distributed. For additional information contact Ms. Byrd-Giles at bbyrdgil@uab.edu.

Standing Committee Reports: Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) – Senator and Chair Mark Lockhart updated the Senate on preparations for Senate administration of evaluations of department chairs during fall 2005 term. A draft proposal has been reviewed by the Executive Committee and forwarded to Provost Capilouto. A timeline and additional planning are in progress. The FAC is continuing discussions related to periodic career review and development of recommendations for Senate consideration. Governance & Operations Committee – Senator and Chair Jennifer Long reported that the committee will contact Senators to implement the Senate Liaison communication network process prior to fall term. Finance Committee – Senator and Chair Warren Martin reported that the Fringe Benefits Committee is preparing benefits package recommendations and that work is ongoing at this time. An update on the University Scholarship Committee activities related to the President and Provost scholarships and the AmSouth, Ireland and McCallum scholarships was shared with the Senate.

University-wide Committee – Senate Representative Reports: Senator Debra Laken, Senate representative to the Athletic Advising Committee and the Athletic Standards Subcommittee summarized recent meeting activities: (1) name change from Faculty Athletic Committee to Athletic Advising Committee, Chaired by Dr. Johnny Scott; (2) charges to the Athletic Standards Subcommittee {Chaired by Dr. David Jenkins} include: a. development of recommendations for meeting new NCAA Academic Progress Rate {APR}requirements; b. development of recommendations for improving academic success of UAB student athletes. Topics under consideration by these committees include: (1) sequestering football players before home games during week days; (2) academic suspension start and end date decisions; (3) use of text Becoming a Master Student Athlete in the PH 134 class; (4) funds for laptop computers for use by traveling athletes; and (5) policy development concerning UAB students’ activities requiring absences from scheduled classes. Senator Laken requested that any faculty with student athlete concerns contact her at Eddins@uab.edu.

Senator Madelyn Coar representative to the UAB Diversity Advisory Council reported that Vice President Louis Dale had submitted a draft report to Provost Capilouto addressing UAB policies and procedures related to diversity activities and processes. Provost Capilouto reported to the Senate that an Ad Hoc Committee has been appointed to review current UAB policies and procedures with the goal to identify mechanisms for improving communications to faculty, staff and students concerning current policies, procedures and services to support diversity and cultural goals of the University.


 Past Chair Benditt requested that interested Senators willing to serve as a Senate representative to the Committee on Academic Advising (CAA) to contact Chair Pete Anderson (pga@uab.edu). The next Senate meeting is August 9, 2005 in the Penthouse CR1. The President’s State of the University Address is September 20, 2005. Provost Capilouto encouraged faculty to volunteer as leaders of the book discussion sessions for incoming freshmen and those interested should contact Jeannie Jones (jlu@uab.edu)

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the August Senate meeting.