Summary of the August 12, 2008 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Warren Martin reported on the following items:


1)      Results of the faculty senate survey on fringe benefits were presented to the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee.


2)      Representatives from the faculty senate (Warren Martin and Ellen Buckner) attended a one day retreat on developing a strategic plan for the undergraduate program at the invitation of the President and Provost.


3)      Budget for the faculty senate will be reduced for the next year so expenditures will need to be closely watched.


4)      Task force chaired by Mark Lockhart (Chair-Elect) and Claire Peel (Interim Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs) met to discuss the annual administrator evaluations conducted by the faculty senate.


5)      Governance of higher education in general and UAB in specific will be a topic of discussion this year by the faculty senate so the preliminary results from the 2001 survey on higher education governance sponsored by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the American Conference of Academic Deans (ACAD) may be of interest (more info).



President Report


President Carol Garrison announced the following items:


1)      Will Ferniany has been named the new CEO of the UAB Health System (more info).


2)      Princeton Review guide has named UAB among the best colleges for undergraduate education and has ranked UAB as No. 4 in the nation for student diversity (more info).


3)      Faculty are invited to help move students into the residence halls this weekend.


4)      Money is being raised for a new women’s softball facility.


5)      Campus green is now green due to the laying of the grass.







Why I Came to UAB


Dr. David Klock, Dean of the School of Business, discussed his reasons for coming to UAB which included the mission of the institution, financial support for higher education, potential for growth in Alabama, and interdisciplinary opportunities.



Revisions to Section 4 on Insurance and Retirement Benefits of Faculty Handbook


Chair Warren Martin presented the FPPC recommended revisions to section 4 on insurance and retirement benefits of the faculty handbook.  The revisions were voted on and approved by the senate and will be forwarded to the Provost.



Curriculum and Research Committee Report


Chair of the Curriculum and Research Committee Sally Anne McInerny reported on items discussed at the last meeting which included student evaluations of faculty teaching using the IDEA survey, senate representatives to the Undergraduate Programs Council, faculty development grant program, faculty research day, faculty development opportunities, and scholarly communication. 



Finance Committee Report


Chair Warren Martin and Chair of the Finance Committee Linda Reed discussed the results of the faculty senate survey on fringe benefits.  The purpose of the survey was to measure the opinions of UAB faculty members about fringe benefits.  The survey was distributed to 2038 faculty members and the number of responses was 724 (35.5%).  Data based on the survey results was presented related to the number of faculty members with each health insurance plan, number of family members covered by the plan, satisfaction with fringe benefits options, satisfaction with access and the specific services within UAB where problems were encountered, OB/GYN health services and the reasons for going outside UAB, and suggestions for benefits and health care improvements.  (slides / handout)



Open Forum


Topics discussed during the open forum included parking at the Administration Building during the renovation, health insurance plans, recording of senate meetings, removal of content such as academic presentations and contracts and grants from the UAB Reporter, and loss of class days during some academic terms.





The next senate meeting is September 9, 2008 in the Administration Building Penthouse CR1, the next executive committee meeting is August 27, 2008, the next executive committee meeting with the President and Provost is September 2, 2008, and the next FPPC meeting is August 15, 2008.



UAB Faculty Senate –



Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the September senate meeting.