Summary Minutes-Faculty Senate Meeting-November 8, 2005


Chair Report: Chair Peter Anderson reported: (1) IDEA department chair evaluation (56 chairs were evaluated with overall 74% response rate) results have been received, reports will be sent to Chairs this week and by the end of the month the table summaries will be sent to respective faculty and dean; (2) Senate is seeking nominations for the Master Teacher Program in December and for representative to Oracle Users Group, send names to Chair; (3) Executive Committee continues to follow up on VIVA ranking reported in US News & World Report; (4) discussed with President and Provost concerns about UAB oversight for institutional conflict of interest and the need to remind faculty of individual responsibility to comply with UAB and academic unit policies for conflict of interest activities; (5) that faculty need to be available to students and comply with published class scheduling hours for classes; and (6) Chair and Chair elect Joe March attended ACUFP meeting with faculty senate officers from Alabama higher education institutions and shared information with Chairs of UAB Senate standing committees for review.

Presentation – Higher Education Partnership: Mr. Gordon Stone updated the Senate on the role of HEP in budgeting cycle for higher education and encouraged faculty, staff and students to get involved with HEP and the Higher Education Day (March 2, 2006.) The focus of HEP is on securing funds for PEEHIP, mandated costs and a salary pool that supports Alabama universities to be competitive in recruiting faculty. Additional information is available at

President Report: President Carol Garrison updated the Senate: (1) search for UAB Police Chief is expected to be completed by January; (2) high school students recruitment receptions are ongoing and faculty are encouraged to submit names of potential UAB students to Deedee Bruns or President Garrison for inclusion in receptions; (3) Book Discussion events are being planned for next year with book selection by December and faculty were encouraged to consider ways to increase faculty, staff and student participation during the fall term; (4) Dean Noreen Harper of Nursing and Dean of the Graduate School Bryan Noe have arrived at UAB; (5) new chair of Medicine Ed Abraham will arrive at UAB in the spring; and (6)  faculty and institutional accolades for contributions and recognition to individuals and UAB community.

Provost Presentation: Provost Eli Capilouto presented background information for the report – Feasibility Study of Sterne & Lister Hill Library Space Uses & Opportunities. The PowerPoint presentation describing reviews of utilization, expectations and satisfaction will be posted at the senate site ( The Provost appointed a committee in May 2005 to work with Mr. Scott Page architect to evaluate allocation of resources in the libraries and to “map” viable options to consider for meeting needs of faculty, students and the QEP.

Architect Presentation: Mr. Scott Page reviewed the feasibility report describing assessment methods, findings and option recommendations. The report is posted at senate site ( Provost Capilouto indicated that discussions about the report are ongoing and input from faculty, chairs, Deans and students is to be part of the ongoing process of decision-making. Continued discussions on space allocations, design, faculty roles, library space needs and implementation of the QEP will focus on enhancing student learning opportunities and supporting information literacy for graduate and undergraduate students and faculty scholarly activities.

Standing Committee Reports; Committee reports were postponed to December due to dedication of time to the library report presentations.

New Business: No new business items were introduced.

University-wide Committee Reports: Reports were postponed to December.

Announcements: Chair of the Curriculum & Research Committee Jeff Engler reported that the IDEA Pilot Study of Student Ratings of Courses is being finalized for 52 faculty volunteers and that the process will be completed by the end of fall term. The next Senate meeting is December 13, 2005 in the Penthouse. The next FPPC meeting is November 18, 2005 in the Penthouse and the minutes for the Senate, Senate Executive Committee and FPPC meetings are posted at the senate site.

Secretary Pat Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the December Senate meeting.