Summary of April 8 UAB Faculty Senate Meeting


Campaign for Alabama: Managing Director William O’Connor outlined the goals of the business leaders group. These goals include support for change agent activities that will lead to addressing the financial challenges for Alabama, support for making definitive decisions for investing in the future employees for Alabama (K – doctoral) and to create real change for a better day in Alabama. Senators were encouraged to support tax reform and encourage legislators to support education and revenue decision-making based on common sense and business sense. Higher education will need to assist these changes by minimizing duplication of programs and addressing appropriate levels of instruction at community colleges and at higher education institutions.


Ronald McDonald House – Executive Director Roberta Shapiro outlined the RMHC services for clients and the contributions to UAB and the Birmingham community. The RMHC is now a part of the UAB Benevolent Fund and is currently applying to be included in United Way. Benefits to UAB include public relations, sources of revenue and teaching activities. The RMHC is determining the feasibility for a new building located closer to the north side of the UAB campus to have the RMHC clients closer to the medical facility services that are needed by patients. Senators were encouraged to support the RMHC and to encourage other faculty to support the RMHC.


Nondiscrimination Resolution – Senator Ed Cook submitted a report from a UAB wide Ad Hoc Task Force that has been reviewing the addition of sexual orientation to the UAB Equal Opportunity Policy. A resolution was presented and supported by a rationale statement from the Ad Hoc Task Force. The resolution was presented as a motion and approved by the Senate. The resolution will be posted on the Senate web page at


UAB Faculty Handbook Policies and Procedures Review of Revisions from the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee – Past Chair Mark Hickson and the Senate representative to the FPPC lead discussion of the summary statements for the proposed final version of the Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook. All faculty and senators are encouraged to review all of the proposed revisions and a chronology outlining the review process during 2000 to 2003 to generate the proposed revisions for Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B, and C.  The current versions being discussed by the Senate were initially sent to the Senate in July 2002, reviewed by the Faculty Affairs Committee with input from senators and Faculty Affairs Committees in the schools and libraries. The Senate requested the FPPC to address questions, concerns and recommendations for specific sections of the versions sent to the Senate in July 2002. The FPPC response to the Senate request is posted on the senate web page

Open the link entitled – Response to Faculty Senate – 4-2-03.

Faculty are encouraged to send questions, comments and concerns to Mark Hickson ( or Pat Greenup – FPPC Chair ( prior to the May 13, 2003 Senate meeting. Discussion of the proposed revisions for Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C will continue at the May 13 Senate meeting.


Summary submitted by Pat Greenup, Acting Secretary for April 8, 2003 meeting. For a more complete record of the minutes see the Senate web page: