Summary of the March 11 Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair Report: Chair Pat Greenup announced the following items: 1) April senate meeting presentations are Claire Peel on faculty development and affairs and Dan Osborn on CAPP degree planning tool; 2) Topics discussed at FSEC meeting included agendas, standing committee reports, elections status, presentations, and fall break proposal; 3) Topics discussed at FSEC meeting with President and Provost included fall break proposal, green university plan, faculty development grants, and budget.


President Report: President Carol Garrison discussed state budget for higher education.


Presentations: Mark LaGory described intergroup dialog initiative and Marilyn Kurata provided preliminary report on personal and social responsibility inventory administered in Fall 2007. The presentation materials are posted on the senate page at


FPPC Policies and Procedures Library Proposal: FPPC proposal for feasibility study on policies and procedures library was approved by the senate and will be forwarded to the Provost.


USGA Fall Break Proposal: USGA proposal for fall break was discussed by the senate. The planning for 2009-2010 academic calendar will occur this summer and this proposal will be considered. Faculty affiliated with undergraduate and graduate programs not in first professional programs encouraged to send comments and concerns to their senators or Chair Pat Greenup.


Standing Committee Reports: Governance and Operations Committee Chair Pat Higginbottom reported on proposed amendments to senate constitution and bylaws and incorporation of shared governance language.


University-wide Committee Reports: Senate Representative to Faculty Enrichment Committee Chander Raman reported on topics discussed at last meeting including future workshops, drop rate for workshops, and marketing and coordinating faculty development activities in various departments and units across campus.


Open Forum: Chair Pat Greenup distributed survey on faculty benefits associated with faculty participation with administrator evaluations and distributed survey on effective senate traits. Senators are requested to obtain input from colleagues and submit at April senate meeting.


Announcements: Next senate meeting is April 8, 2008 in Administration Building Penthouse CR1, next FSEC meeting is March 26, 2008, next FSEC meeting with President and Provost is April 1, 2008, and next FPPC meeting is March 21, 2008.


Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the April senate meeting. The minutes of the FPPC meeting are available for review on the senate page at