Summary of the September 11 Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair Report: Chair Pat Greenup announced the following items: 1) State of the University address by President Garrison is scheduled for October 4, 2007 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in Spain Auditorium; 2) IDEA administrator surveys for President and Provost have concluded and faculty will be notified when data reports are available for viewing; 3) Senate office now located in Campbell Hall 401G.


President Report: President Carol Garrison announced the following items: 1) Be Seen in Green day is Friday, September 14th; 2) Emergency notification system sign up form available in BlazerNET; 3) Graduate enrollment has increased while undergraduate enrollment has decreased.


Presentation: Provost Eli Capilouto provided an overview of budgeting process, current fiscal year budget, and university-wide initiatives.


Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum and Research Committee Chair Nasim Uddin reported that committee is discussing scholarly communication and research day for faculty development grant award winners to report on projects.


Faculty Affairs Committee Senate Chair Pat Greenup reported for Chair Mark Lockhart that committee is discussing IDEA administrator survey process for deans and chairs and other possible administrators to be evaluated.


Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Senate Past-Chair Joe March reported that committee is discussing standards of behavior.


Finance Committee Chair Stephen Mennemeyer reported that committee is comparing UAB faculty salaries with SUG data and discussing distribution indices.


Governance and Operations Committee Chair Pat Higginbottom reported that committee is reviewing FPPC request about appropriate senate representative to FPPC and appropriate role of FPPC chair at senate meetings in conjunction with revisions to senate constitution and bylaws.


University-wide Committee Reports: Senate Representative to UAB Athletic Advisory Committee William Cockerham reported on topics discussed at last meeting including academic center for athletes, academic reform committee, eligibility specialist hire, and faculty awareness about reasonable absences for student athletes.


Senate Representative to UAB Commission on Status of Women Joy Deupree reported on topics discussed at last meeting including parental leave, child care, lactation centers, and communication and outreach.


Senate Representative to UAB Faculty Enrichment Committee Sue Kim reported on topics discussed at last meeting including past and future workshops.


Senate Representative to UAB Police Advisory Council Tommie Singleton reported that Police Chief Anthony Purcell is willing to speak to campus groups.


Announcements: Next senate meeting is October 9, 2007 in Hill University Center Great

Hall, next FSEC meeting is September 26, 2007, next FSEC meeting with President and Provost is October 2, 2007, and next FPPC meeting is September 21, 2007.


Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the October senate meeting. The minutes of the FPPC meeting are available for review on the senate page at