Summary of Minutes-Faculty Senate meeting – September 13, 2005


Chair Report: Chair Peter Anderson updated Senate on topics discussed by the Executive Committee with President Carol Garrison and Provost Eli Capilouto on September 6 {status of ongoing searches for academic administrator vacancies; UAB policies and decision process for UAB cancellation/closure; security issues and role of Police Advisory Committee; reorganization plan of the Provost’s office} and UAB Honors Advisory Committee[Chair – Joe March] and reports to Academic Programs Council concerning the department chairs to be evaluated {and those not being evaluated} by the Senate administered IDEA evaluation process and the implementation of the Senate Liaison processes.

President Report: President Garrison announced Dean of Nursing Doreen Harper, PhD, and Dean of Graduate School, Bryan Noe, PhD will join UAB November 1, 2005. President Garrison summarized the Hurricane Katrina response activities for students, faculty, staff, researchers and patients {see UAB Homepage}; announced “best academically prepared freshman class for fall 2005 term:” requested Senate to identify methods to inform all faculty about undergraduate student opportunities at UAB; requested that faculty follow UAB policies for avoiding conflict of interests related to requiring students to purchase authored textbooks or manuals; encouraged faculty to support all UAB athletic teams; announced a Benefit Concert with Three On A String for September 25 from 4-6 pm in the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center {}

Presentation: Cheryl Locke, UAB Chief Human Resources Officer presented “Re-Inventing HRM – Proposed New HRM Model” (PowerPoint available at Senate site under presentations - the new model will focus on networks of liaisons for clusters of UAB employees – health and hospital; administration, and academic and research. The goals are to improve customer services through hybrid consultants/specialists model and restructured services are being implemented incrementally; if questions contact Cheryl Locke at

Standing Committee Reports: Curriculum & Research Committee Chair/Senator Jeff Engler updated the Senate on review of student evaluation of teaching effectiveness methods and development of recommendations for Senate action; the faculty is invited to attend an open forum – Student Evaluation of Teaching – on September 21, 2005 in Alumni Auditorium (HUC) 1:30 – 3:00 pm. {Dr. Bill Pallett Director of IDEA Center will present IDEA’s student evaluation of teaching process.}; the committee is reviewing a variety of evaluation tools as part of the process for recommendations development.

Faculty Affairs Committee Chair/Senator Mark Lockhart reviewed the IDEA evaluation timeline for departmental chairs {faculty will receive notification from Senate and from IDEA within two weeks;} requested Senators to review the administrator evaluation proposal distributed for the last two Senate meetings and be prepared to vote at the October meeting; the committee is continuing work on periodic career review proposal and links with faculty evaluation and development programs.

Governance & Operations Committee Chair/Senator Jennifer Long reported that all academic units have a designated Senate Liaison and they are encouraged to initiate communications with faculty in constituent units.

Finance Committee Chair/Senator Warren Martin reported that the Senate representatives to the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee have participated in the discussions for health benefits plans that will be released October 3, 2005.

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee – Senate Representative Past-Chair Ted Benditt summarized topics before the FPPC – revision of Operating Rules; UAB Family Friendly Policies, review cycle of UAB Faculty Handbook, student ownership of class produced materials and copyright rules/policies; the next meeting is September 16, 2005.

New Business: Chair Anderson reviewed the Academic Calendar Options for 2006-2007 and Senate by straw polling supported a recommendation to the Provost for Option A for fall term 2006 and for a modified Option A for spring 2007.

University-wide Committee Reports: Senate Representative Seine Chiang to the UAB Commission on the Status of Women presented a summary of the activities and encouraged faculty to review additional information:

Announcements: Next Senate meeting – October 11, 2005; President’s State of the University address on September 20{see UAB homepage for information}  in Spain Auditorium at 3:30 pm; faculty submitting Advance Grant proposals {due October 3, 2005}should visit

Secretary Greenup submits this DRAFT summary of minutes and a more complete record will appear on the Senate page after approval at the October Senate meeting. The minutes of the FPPC meetings are posted on the Senate page at: