Peter E. Prevelige, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Microbiology

Areas of focus: Virus Assembly, Bio-Inspired Nanoparticles, Mass Spectrometry


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Contact Information
BBRB 416
(205) 975-5327

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     Dr. Prevelige's research interests are in the area of structural virology.
His lab uses a variety of genetic and biochemical approaches to characterize
the intersubunit interactions that promote and control the assembly of
viral capsids.

The basic research efforts underlie research
into the use of viral capsids as reaction
vessels for solar energy and as targets of
antiviral chemotherapeutics.


     Peter E. Prevelige (b. 1956), Professor of Microbiology, completed undergraduate studies in biology at Lehigh University. His graduate studies were done at Brandeis University (Ph.D., Biochemistry, 1985) on histone structure with Dr. G.D. Fasman. His postdoctoral work, on virus capsid assembly, was done at MIT under the direction of Dr. J. King. He held the position of Staff Scientist at Boston Biomedical Research Institute from 1992-1995 and joined the UAB faculty in 1995.