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It is the mission of the Graduate Biomedical Student Outreach (GBSO) committee to bridge the temporal and disciplinary divides between doctoral trainees, faculty, staff and the greater scientific community at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). GBSO serves to enhance the well-being of all students in the Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS) / Joint Health Sciences (JHS) themes, associated programs, and departments through coordinating events that provide counseling and emergency support resources, enrich the academic and social environment, stimulate productive collaboration, and foster a climate that is inclusive of all graduate students in biomedical research.


  1. Promote academic achievement by fostering relationships between students in GBS themes, associated departments and programs, and departments.

  2. Create opportunities for formal presentation and the academic exchange of ideas.

  3. Enhance interactions between students and faculty through social networking events.

  4. Contribute to students’ well-being with a supportive environment, resources, and forums.

  5. Engage students with the greater scientific community and industry.


Learn how to become a member and review the list of current GBS theme representatives in Membership, as well as download a copy of our Bylaws.

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Looking for heath and wellness support available to graduate students? Please check our Resources.