Students in their 2nd year or above can take any of the first year modules as an advanced, if they did not take them during their 1st year.  It is expected, however, that such students will be required to do work above and beyond what is required of the first years, since this will be an advanced course for anyone not in their first year.

An advanced course is one that is numbered 700 or above, is either 2 or 3 credit hours*, uses letter grades (not pass/fail), and is a course approved by the student's mentor. The advanced courses do not have to be GBS prefixed courses; GBS students may take courses with prefixes such as CB, CDIB, NTR, PHAR, NBL, etc.

You can always check the online CLASS SCHEDULE to search for other courses.

*If a student takes a 2 credit hour course (usually one of the first year courses offered by a theme other than the one the student is in), she/he must tell the course master that she/he is taking the course as advanced since it is expected there will be additional assignments/requirements for students taking it as advanced.