Steps toward thesis proposal and entering candidacy:

1 - Set up thesis committee and have first meeting
2 - Work with mentor and committee on established goals
3 - Have a committee meeting every year in years 2 and 3; thereafter, set a committee meeting every 6 months to stay on track
4 - Set date for thesis proposal, secure location (be sure to copy Theme office on all correspondence)
5 - Email a copy of your proposal to all committee members, Theme director, and Theme office ( no later than 2 weeks ahead of proposal defense date
6 - See Theme office for paperwork required for thesis proposal defense at least 1 week prior to defense date
7 - After successful defense, get all signatures on paperwork and take it to the Theme office for further instructions

Check the Graduate School website for the deadlines.

After a student has passed the QE/Thesis Proposal Defense:

  • It is strongly suggested that a student have committee meetings every 6 months to make sure he/she is on track toward the final defense. This is extremely important.
  • Student, between candidacy and final defense, is required:

    1- to complete 2 semesters in candidacy AND accumulate a minimum of 24 credit hours in GBS 799-Dissertation Research hours, OR

    2 - to complete 2 semesters in candidacy AND accumulate 12 credit hours in GBS 799-Dissertation Research Hours AND a minimum of 12 credit hours in "appropriate research-based coursework" approved by the Theme Director