In addition to the required first year curriculum/courses (which do spill over into the fall semester of the second year), the Cancer Biology Theme requires the following:

  • 3 rotations before selecting permanent lab home
  • Bioethics course (GRD 717-Scientific Principles of Integrity - Fall of 2nd year)
  • Biostats course (BY 755-Biometry - Spring of first year)
  • GBS 777-Cancer Biology Seminar every Fall and Spring semester
  • Journal club every Fall and Spring semester, selected for appropriateness, between mentor and student (usually GBS 776-Cancer Biology JC)
  • 3 advanced courses, chosen for appropriateness by mentor and student (professional development courses such as GRD 737, courses designed to improve language skills or presentation skills, nonscientific courses such as spinning class, weight lifting are not appropriate and will not be considered advanced courses)
  • 2 first authored papers