Students are expected to complete the entire program in four or five years. During the first year, students will participate in the GBS core curriculum and will begin more specialized training by exploring potential laboratories in which they may do their dissertation research as well as courses representing the multiple disciplines involved in cancer research. A course focusing on "classic papers" in cancer research will set the stage for modern approaches to studying the disease. Following three laboratory rotations, each student will select a mentor for his/her dissertation research. Following the core curriculum, students will begin specialized cancer research electives.

During the second year, students will complete their specialized courses and will participate in journal clubs and special topics curricula. After the second year, cancer biology students will write a proposal for their dissertation research and present it to their graduate advisory committee for approval. The focus following advancement to candidacy is hands-on research, although students can elect to participate in other advanced courses that will round out their education or provide opportunities to expand the research.

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