Student PerspectivesAlex and Henry

"The GGB program has provided me with an excellent opportunity to train during my graduate school experience. From the starting coursework in Year 1 that helped review what I already knew to areas that needed more reinforcing all the way through the rotations and the lab I have chosen, GGB is helping me develop into a young investigator. This program has a solid core with many roots reaching out into many disciplines that have broadened my horizons and truly exposed me to a variety of exciting research conducted here at UAB, Hudson Alpha, and around the world!"
  Alex Ward, GGB student

"I chose the GGB because I have particular interests in genomics, bioinformatics, and computational biology. The GGB offers a wide variety of faculty for you to choose from and has researchers who have projects in all of these areas."
  Travis Ptacek, graduate

"I enjoy my life as a graduate student in GGB a lot. For the rotations, we have a long list of faculty to choose from, and their research area varies from molecular genetics to population genetics. Through rotations, I found the perfect mentor and lab for me. The collaborative academic environment in UAB makes me very happy and comfortable studying or working here, and that's why I can have an interdisciplinary thesis project which combines genetics, immunology and neuroscience."
  Shuwen Cao, gradate

"One thing that I think is important for people looking into the GGB program to know is the amount of cooperation between the labs. Generally speaking, it is always possible to find someone willing to help whether it be with their time or by donating that missing reagent. I feel that the people involved with the GGS really set it apart. As for Birmingham, I have lived in the greater Birmingham area for a while now and can honestly say that there are lots of things to occupy your spare time no matter what your interests."
  Brandon Shaw, graduate

"I selected the GGB theme because its flexibility and interdisciplinary emphasis allow me to focus on the aspects of genetics that most parallel my research interests. At the same time, I am confident that upon graduation from this program, I will have a broad and complete understanding of genetics and genomics.

"As an M.D./Ph.D. student, integrating clinical and basic science was an important factor in choosing a degree program. GGB places a strong emphasis on clinical genetics, facilitating the development of translational thought."
  Jackie Zimmerman, graduate

"I joined the GGB for the strong coursework in human genetics and the opportunity to be exposed to the full spectrum of both research and clinical genetics. What I enjoyed most, however, was the collegial access to faculty and the great friends and colleagues I found in the other GGB students."
  Louisa Pyle, Ph.D., graduate