Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Theme (PBMM)

The PBMM theme provides our graduate students the broadest training within the emerging and exciting field of molecular medicine. We have a flexible, didactic, integrated educational program directed by faculty with diverse research interests ranging from molecules to whole organisms and disease processes to new therapies


The PBMM theme leadership, faculty, and mentors offer personal, day-to-day interactions with our students. Besides the GBS core curriculum, PBMM students are trained in a broad array of interdisciplinary subjects related to pathobiology and molecular basis of human diseases, taught by faculty who are experts in the research field. Our students also have hands-on experience during laboratory rotations to explore and identify their research interests.

Why should you join the PBMM Theme at UAB?

Our goal is to provide you with multidisciplinary training opportunities that foster your research and career development. Our students have full access to all 350+ GBS faculty, of which 130 are directly affiliated with the PBMM theme and represent various schools, departments, and research centers within UAB. We also partner with outside groups such as Southern Research and Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. PBMM students can participate in a GBSO, a vibrant and energetic student community, that not only enriches the graduate school experience, but also promotes leadership and network opportunities that enhance career development.

Where will this degree take you?

Our students are successful in publishing their research and receive fellowship and other prestigious awards during their training. PBMM alumni are highly accomplished, with diverse careers in academic, industrial, and medical research and education worldwide.


Welcome 2018 PBMM Incoming Students

Rudhab Bahabry, Stevens Institute of Technology & King Abdulaziz University
Kylie Heitman, Albion College
Natalie Lindgren, University of North Alabama
Ally Nichols, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Cheryl Sesler, Jacksonville State University & University of Tennessee at Martin
Peyton Vanwinkle, Hastings College

PBMM Theme Contacts

Theme Director

Theme Director

Dr. Yabing Chen
(205) 996-6293
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Theme Associate Director

Theme Associate Director

Dr. Robert van Waardenburg
(205) 934-4572
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