A wide variety of advanced courses and journal clubs are offered. A number of recent offerings are listed below.

Department of Microbiology

MIC 724-VT Virology Journal Club
MIC 737-VT Mucosal Immunology Journal Club
MIC 772-VT Bacterial Pathogenesis Journal Club
MIC 785-00 Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms
MIC 786-00 Retrovirology Journal Club
MIC 789-00 Journal Club in Biological Crystallography
MIC 796-00 Neuroimmunology Journal Club
MIC 797-00 Cellular and Molecular Immunology Journal Club
MIC 710-VT Development of Communication Skills for Biological Research
MIC 759 Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms
MIC 774 Hybrid Structural Techniques in Cellular and Molecular Biology
MIC 778 Primary Immune Deficiencies
MIC 775 The Structural Basis of Viral Replication
MIC Pathogenesis of Gram-Positive Bacteria
MIC Innate Immunity

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

BMG 731. Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics.
BMG 732. Mechanisms of Enzyme Catalysis.
BMG 733. Fermentation Technology.
BMG 734. Protein Structure.
BMG 735. Genomic Engineering Using Lambda Red
BMG 743. Advanced Metabolism.
BMG 747. Connective Tissue Biochemistry.
BMG 748. Membranes and Organelles.
BMG 751. Advanced Virology.
BMG 753. Protein Crystallography.
BMG 757. Physical Biochemistry.
BMG 758. Structure of Nucleic Acids.
BMG 759. Macromolecular Modeling.
BMG 760. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
BMG 761. Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Biology.
BMG 762. Human Biochemistry and Genetics.
BMG 771. Dental Biochemistry.
BMG 775. Special Topics in Biochemistry.
BMG 776-780. Special Topics in Biochemistry.
BMG 781-785. Advanced Special Topics.
BMG 786. Journal Club in Free Radicals and Biology Oxidations.
BMG 787. Journal Club in Molecular Structure.
BMG 788. Journal Club in Fermentation.
BMG 789. Journal Club in Biological Crystallography.
BMG 790. Journal Club in Developmental Biology.
BMG 791. Journal Club in Gene Therapy.
BMG 792. Journal Club in Physical Biochemistry.
BMG 793. Journal Club in DNA Virology.
BMG 794. Journal Club in Molecular Neurobiology.
BMG 795. Journal Club in Molecular Biology.
BMG 796. Journal Club in Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Biology.

Department of Cell Biology

CB 710. Extracellular Matrix and Cell Behavior.
CB 711. Cell Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix.
CB 712. Developmental Biology.
CB 713. Growth Factors Journal Club.
CB 715. Current Topics in Cell Biology.
CB 722. Vascular Biology.
CB 723. Membranes & Glycobiology.
CB 726. Genetics in Cell Biology.
CB 728. Cell Biology of Human Disease.
CB 729. Mechanisms of Signal Transduction.
CB 748. Special Problems in Cell Biology.
CB 756. Molecular Biology of Cell Adhesion.