Laboratory rotations allow first year students to experience research in areas of their interest and to identify a faculty mentor with whom they will complete their dissertation research. At the beginning of the first year, incoming students have the opportunity to meet with program faculty and learn about the research opportunities available in our laboratories. Each student will complete 3 rotations of approximately 3 months duration in laboratories of their choosing. At the end of each rotation, students present the results of their work in a poster presentation. The student's work will be graded by the mentor and by two judges of the poster presentation. A passing grade of B or better is required in all rotations.

It is expected that students will identify their graduate laboratory and mentor by the end of the third rotation. In exceptional circumstances, a student who has not identified a laboratory by this time will be allowed (with permission of the Theme Director) to do an additional rotation in the summer.

2013 - 2014 Lab Rotation and Poster Session Dates:

Lab Rotation 1:  August 26 - November 20
Poster Session:  November 20

Lab Rotation 2:  November 21 - February 26
Poster Session:  February 26

Lab Rotation 3:  February 27 - May 28
Poster Session:  May 28