Students are required to successfully complete 3 advanced courses before qualifying for graduation.

  • These courses are to be chosen after consultation between student and mentor and must be in line with the student's research project.
  • To be considered an advanced course, the course must be at least 3 credit hours and offer a letter grade (no P/F courses are considered advanced).
  • The courses do not have to be GBS or GBSC prefix.
  • Students may have to provide the theme office with email proof from the mentor of mentor's approval of a course, should there be a question.
  • If a student attends a course outside of UAB, such as one at Marine Biology Lab at Woods Hole, it may count as 1 of the 3 advanced courses. Student must provide documentation and email approval from the mentor to the theme office prior to taking the course. And student must provide copy of certification of successful completion upon return.

A sampling of advanced courses and when they are usually offered:

GBS 700: Molecular Neurodegeneration (spring semester, even years)
GBS 705: Biology of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (fall semester, odd years)
GBS 710: Cell Signaling (fall semester)*
GBS 720: Genome Structure and Function (spring semester)*
GBS 722: Bioinformatics (spring semester)*
GBS 729: Translational Approaches in Neurodegeneration (spring semester, odd years)
GBS 739: Neuropharmacology (fall semester, even years)
GBS 755: Integrative Bioinformatics (fall semester)
GBS 778: Cancer Metastasis (spring semester, odd years)
GBS 790: Clinical Evaluation of Cognitive Disorders (spring semester)

Check the UAB Online Class Schedule thru Blazer Net for specific, extensive listing.


Each semester, you may want to look in the class schedule to see if there are classes you want to take - journal clubs, seminars, advanced classes, etc. Here is how to do it.

• Log into BlazerNET
• Under Registration Tools, choose Look Up Classes
• Search by Term:

Use the drop down menu to select the semester you want to search

  • Highlight it
  • Click Submit
  • For Subject:, scroll down and select (first) GBS-Grad Biomedical Sciences and then GBSC (the 2nd group of Grad Biomedical Sciences courses)
  • Click on Course Search

This will show you all courses that semester for GBS.

You might also want to look up classes with these prefixes, depending on your area of research:

  • BMG-Biochem & Molec Genetics
  • CB-Cell Biology
  • MIC-Microbiology
  • NBL-Neurobiology (if the same class is offered as both GBS and NBL, register for GBS)
  • PAT-Pathology