2014 Student Summer Seminars

Thursdays, May 8 - July 24  /  1:30pm-2:30pm  /  BBRB 170

> Kyle Fraser (West Lab)
           LRRK2 post-translational modification as biomarkers for Parkinson's disease

> Nick Cochran (Roberson Lab)
          Targeting Tau-SH3 Interactions in Alzheimer's Models

MAY 15
> Elena Adlaf (L Wadiche Lab)
          Connections and competition in the dentate gyrus

> Chris Aura (Gamlin Lab)
          Investigating the processing and perception of cyclopean stereomotion-in-depth stimuli using EEG in human subjects

MAY 22
> Scarlett Evonuk (Desilva Lab)
          Glutamate regulates CNS infiltration by immune cells in neuroinflammatory diseases

> Lesley McCollum (Roberts Lab)
          Tyrosine hydroxylase levels in the caudate, putamen, and nucleus accumbens in postmortem schizophrenia

MAY 29
Ian Kimbrough (Sontheimer Lab)
          Exploring gliovascular dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease

> Matt Glover (Clinton Lab)
          Early-life antidepressant exposure exacerbates depression-like behavior in a rat model of SSRI susceptibility

> Frankie Heyward (Sweatt Lab)
          Obesity weighs down memory: emerging insights into the molecular basis of obesity-induced memory impairment in adult mice

> Jay Bhatt (Sztul Lab)
          Understanding the role of ARF-GEFs in membrane traffic

> Jada Hallengren (Wilson Lab)
          Deubiquitination of MLK3 by USP14 regulates JNK signaling at the neuromuscular junction

> Mika Guzman (Sweatt Lab)
          The Role of DNA Methylation in Alzheimer's Disease

> Jarrod Meadows (Hablitz Lab)
          Epigenetic regulation of homeostatic synaptic scaling via DNA methylation

> Angela Nietz (J Wadiche Lab)
          The Great Escape: Actions of glutamate outside the synapse

> Toni Mueller (Meador-Woodruff Lab)
          GABA(A) receptor trafficking and localization in schizophrenia

JULY 3 (No Seminar Today)

Allie Widman (McMahon Lab)
           Estrogen and Antidepressant Effects on Hippocampal Circuits in Learned Helpless Female Rats

> Levi Miller (Dwivedi Lab)
          Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Dysregulation of Stress Reactivity in Depression

Ryan Vaden (L Wadiche Lab)
          Regulation of GABAergic signaling to adult generated neurons

> David Figge (Sweatt Lab)
          Genetic Susceptibility and Epigenetic Modulation in Levodopra Induced Dyskinesia

> Lindsey Smith (McMahon Lab)
          Estrogen Modulates Multiple Synaptic Inputs to Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Cells

Luke Stewart (McMahon Lab)
          O-GlcNAcylation dampens hyperexcitability in hippocampus during acute epileptoform activity

> Rosemary Puckett (McMahon Lab)
          Investigating behavioral phenotypes in the Learned Helplessness model