GBS 730 - Intro to Neurobiology
July 18-August 5, 2016
Orientation: July 14, 2016 / 3pm / WORB 1st Floor Conf Room
Forms for Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL)

First year students get their first formal neuroscience training with the course GBS 730-Introduction to Neurobiology, taught by UAB neuroscience faculty at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) on the Gulf of Mexico. Participating in classroom discussions and hands-on experiments are an important part of this two week course that begins in late July.  Students live and work alongside professors and graduate student assistants, totally immersing themselves in the research lab environment.

Faculty from UAB bring their rigs and other scientific equipment down to DISL to further enhance the experience and increase the knowledge of the students. Advanced students can serve as TAs for this course, so there is a good mixture of faculty and students there. The experience helps students bond and establish a sense of community with other scientists at UAB. Work and study is intense yet very rewarding.

DISL life