Once a student has successfully defended his/her thesis proposal and entered candidacy, verification must be made that student has met, or has plans to meet, all Theme course requirements, first authored paper requirements, and any other requirements set by either GBS or the Theme.  Contact the Theme office for your status update.

Check the Graduate School website for the deadlines.

Deadlines are important because they tell a student that, if he wants to graduate in a particular semester, he must publically defend by what date. Failure to meet the deadline a student originally plans for may result in extra application fees.

Timeline for defense:
  • Poll your committee (suggested: via Agree-A-Date online system) to set both your public* and private defense date and time
  • Secure a location for both defenses
  • Send a copy of your CV to the Theme Office so that flyers, etc. can be prepared
  • Have your dissertation written and emailed to your committee, Theme director, and Theme office no later than 2 weeks prior to your defense date

    *Graduate School recognizes the public defense as the official defense. This means that your public defense, if held a different day than your private defense, must fall within the proper deadline.