Thursdays / 1:30pm / BBRB 170
May 2 - July 25, 2013

May 2 Kyle Fraser
"LRRK2 Exosome Release is Mediated by 14-3-3"

Jay Bhatt
"Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Vesicle Formation"

May 9 No seminar

May 16        Mark Moehle
"LRRK2 and Inflammation"
  Heather Minkel
"Astrocyte dysfunction in an animal model of Alexander Disease"

May 23

Toni Mueller
"N-Glycosylation of GABA(A) receptor subunits in schizophrenia"

  Sidney Williams
"Synchronization of Neocortical GABAergic Interneurons"

May 30 Jennifer Watson
"Endosomal sorting is crucial to the development of the peripheral nervous system: Insight from the characterization of a novel Charcot-Marie-Tooth mouse mutant"
  Chris Aura
"Investigating the cortical processing of cyclopean stereomotion-in-depth stimuli using electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging"

June 6 Elena Adlaf
"Enhanced adult neurogenesis alters synaptic input to mature neurons"
  Luke Coddington
"Information Flow Beyond the Synapse"

June 13 Lesley McCollum
"Tyrosine hydroxylase levels in the postmortem nucleus accumbens in schizophrenia"
  Nick Cochran
"Targeting Tau-SH3 Interactions in Alzheimer's Disease"

June 20 Jada Hallengren
"Dynamic Ubiquitin Signaling Underlies Synaptic Transmission at the NMJ"
  Jana Drummond
"Altered intracellular localization of AMPA receptors in schizophrenia"

June 27 Frankie Heyward
"Obesity weighs down memory: Emerging insights into the molecular basis of obesity-induced memory impairment in adult mice"
  Scarlett Neeck
"Glutamatergic mechanisms in remyelination"

July 11 Stephanie Brosius
"Neuregulin-1 overexpression and Trp53 haploinsufficiency cooperatively promote de novo MPNST pathogenesis"
  Ian Kimbrough
"Glioma-Astrocyte-Vascular interactions"

July 18 Rosemary Puckett
"The Role of Hippocampus in Depression-Related Cognition"
  Matt Glover
"Early-life Paroxetine Exposure Exacerbates Depression-like Behavior in Anxiety/Depression-prone rats"

July 25 Mika Guzman
"Transcriptional regulation of intrinsic excitability"
  Jarrod Meadows
"Epigenetic regulation of homeostatic plasticity via DNA methylation"